One Week In-tertainment (1-23-10)

By Jake 

Miley Cyrus is not engaged.

Bruce Campbell is making a movie where he fights Frankenstein (I would guess his monster, but maybe he just fights the scientist).

Dennis Hopper filed for divorce. Ladies, start your engines (by engines I mean vaginas).

Katie Holmes called Suri "magical" according to People.

Heidi Montag's album only sold 1,000 copies :(

Heidi Montag continues to be stupid, which I guess is why she's famous in the first place.

Danielle Fishel has no problems with her body. Either did I when I was 12.

Tara Reid is engaged!

Quick aside: People has got to be the most banal website I have ever read. I don't think they would report "real" celebrity news if it happened.

According to, Jessica Simpson has found her inner beauty.

Vampire Weekend are popular enough to have the number 1 album in America? I'm glad i don't listen to them now.

Conan O'Brien and NBC have finally come to terms for Conan's release. I can't wait to see him on Fox in September!

Jake's Take:
I feel like I gave my take on the Conan/Leno/NBC situation enough this week.

Peace to Our Fallen Homies
Nobody died! Hooray!


  1. We should buy copies of Heidi Montag's album with the ad revenue!!!

  2. I already have 1,000 copies of it!

  3. thanks for the reminder to start my vagina!

  4. heidi montag is the frankenstein in bruce campbell's new show.

  5. Vampire Weekend's Contra is the new Graceland by Paul Simon.

  6. i'm glad i can read OYIT instead of to get all the relevant celebrity news!

    i wish i looked that good in a tee shirt, in a pink bikini, and/or on a bearskin rug.

  7. also, it's about time something went right for tara reid. am i right??


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