Good Morning, good morning! [Family Circus Edition]

By Katy and Billy

You ever have one of those days where you feel like someone took a cinder block and crushed your skull, tore out your brain, soaked it in lye, replaced the remainder back in your head and then kicked you in the stomach, made you listen to Firehouse's "Love of a Lifetime" on repeat, giggling, and then ran away? Well I'm having that kind of day. That's why I've asked Billy from The Family Circus to write today's good morning, as I am off to bury my pain in my pillow.

Today's Family Circus

Hey there everyone! My name's Billy, but you probably know all that from checking in with the daily Circus antics. I thought this one would be particularly funny because it's about how I write a blog and I'm writing on this blog right now! I'm not going to write about my neighbors though. I already have a blog where I write about my neighbors and I don't think any of you guys are my neighbors. If you are my neighbors, please don't read my blog, but you can read this blog. Okay, you can read my blog, too.

Today's Weather

Today's weather is going to be perfect, with a side of chuckles. I'm just joshing. It's going to be fucking cold.

Today's Theatrical Releases

  • Dear John (Rated PG-13... guess I can't see it!)

    Synopsis: John Tyree (Channing Tatum) is a soldier who comes back to America when the army lets him so he can be free for a little bit. And then he meets this really pretty girl and he really likes her and wants to be with her forever but the army keeps making him go places and do things my parents won't explain to me. So, they write letters. Like, real, in-the-mail type letters... with stamps and everything. I guess this ends up going badly somehow. Will someone let me know how this movie ends up?

    Billy's Take: This movie looks pretty good. It's about love and love is important. Plus, it's also about soldiers and they protect us from bad guys. My mommy and daddy said that when I grow up, if I want to go to college I should join the army because they'll pay for it and all I have to do is take a few trips overseas. I reacted to this statement by saying "if I'm over the sea won't I fall in?" And then everyone laughed.

  • From Paris with Love (Rated R for a whole mess of bad stuff)

  • Synopsis: I guess this takes place in Paris which I'm told is someplace across seas. I said overseas before, but across seas is another way of saying it's somewhere else. Except it's across oceans, not seas. It's in Paris. And the man from Bend It Like Beckham is in it and he works in Paris and he has a very nice girlfriend who he is nice to. And then he also works for the CIA, which my mom says is kinda like being hall monitor. He and John Travolta become partners and monitor the halls of Paris together, I guess.

    Billy's Take: Gosh I don't know about this. I bet it's a real good movie if you're a grown up and understand things like Paris and John Travolta. I just hope this movie makes people happy and hall monitors really proud of where they came from.

    Today's Prediction:

    PJ will probably wonder why the sandbox he plays in is oddly similar to the cat box. Jeffy will poop his pants. He did that last Friday. I will write in my neighbor's blog. Mommy and Daddy will laugh at our antics.

    Thanks a lot for letting me write in your blog. It was very fun and good practice for my blog about my neighbors.


    1. I hate Family Circus more than Glenn hates Koreans marrying his sister.

    2. Haha. What the fuck? We are supposed to promote our guest bloggers, especially when they're famous!

    3. welcome to oyit, billy! i'm no longer the youngest writer!! what's the link to your neighborhood blog?

    4. Thanks so much guys, here's the link to my blog. I hope you really like it!

    5. Why was Billy swearing about the weather?~?


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