Good Morning on a Wednesday

By Nate 

Frohliche Neunzigsten Geburtstag der Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei!!! That's right folks. It's the 90th birthday of the Nazi Party!

You know who else is celebrating a birthday this week? The Taxed Enough Already (AKA T.E.A.) Party! They're turning one year old on February 27.

I'm having this infamous image screened onto a sheet cake and will send it to both national party headquarters:

Hump Day Review

Sunday night, Glenn and I did in fact see Shutter Island as I predicted last week. We identified greatly with the main characters US Marshall Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck Aule. After the movie we went out and bought fedoras and Lucky Strikes, and constructed a fantasy world in which we were crime-solving US Marshalls. Our fantasy world came crashing down Monday morning, though, when I overslept, shirked my responsibilities, and missed lunch with Glenn and a few friends.

On Monday, the newly elected junior senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, walked his extremely hot, centerfold-quality body into the Senate chamber and voted for the jobs bill. The hotness of his body caused all the snow in DC to melt along with the hearts of four other GOP senators thus ending the "Snowpacolypse" and Republican filibuster of all things Democratic in one fell swoop.

Brown's defection made former Vice President Dick Cheney so mad that he suffered a heart attack.

Tuesday morning between the hours of midnight and six AM I explored the Internet website and downloaded some tunes that KiD CuDi has been working on. I fell in love with the very introspective song "Highs N Lows" in which CuDi "raps" about his experiences, both positive and negative, with marijuana. It's very honest PLUS it samples Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay".

Hopefully I can continue to reference KiD CuDi in every Good Morning post from here until the end of the Internet.

Today, Wednesday, um, is today.


The congressional Republicans are maybe.

Watch C-SPAN Thursday night and you will see Obama make concessions to the GOP by adding some of their amendments into his health care reform bill because the Congressional Democrats were too stupid to get this thing done while they had super majorities. Unfortunately, Obama will have the whole thing thrown back in his face because, as Nate Silver pointed out, the 2010 Republicans really don't have a cohesive plan or strategy compared to the 1994 Republicans. "Just say NO" does not a "Contract with America" make, Mr. Boehner.

Friday/Saturday. Yeah, ok, I really didn't put much thought into this week's review/preview. So what. You didn't want to read it anyway.

Jimmy Martin, The Self-Appointed King of Bluegrass

Jimmy Martin had a huge ego, and he kept it all inside his watermelon-shaped head.

He started a lot of feuds in Nashville, especially at the Grand Ole Opry into which he was never inducted. Check out these videos of a drunken Jimmy Martin yelling at country and bluegrass, Grammy award winning artist Ricky Skaggs.

He really wanted Skaggs to sing on his album! But no, he thought he was the "next coming of Bill Monroe!"

Here's a video of Jimmy Martin singing "Freeborn Man" during his prime years:

Here's Jimmy Martin a few years before he died singing "My Walkin Shoes Don't Fit Me Anymore" for the Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Volume III DVD:


The TEA Party will celebrate their 90th birthday and party like it's 2099.

KiD CuDi will read this GM post and make me his #1 fan.

Jimmy Martin will return from the dead and posthumously inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

Those predictions suck. Sorry.


  1. Lol @ 'Brown's defection made former Vice President Dick Cheney so mad that he suffered a heart attack.'

    I thought that picture was Fred Armisen at first not Adolf Obama.

    Thanks for the morning Nate!

  2. n8, why do you keep spelling kid cudi "KiD CuDi?" unless that's how he spells it, and then the more relevant question is why does kid cudi type like i did in 6th grade. i started listening to that song and then was let down when "lay lady lay" didn't play. you are to kid cudi what i am to bob dylan.

  3. I liked the hump day review. I don't think you should try to predict the rest of the week, though. Let us be surprised.

  4. Yes, that is how KiD CuDi writes his name.

  5. The TEA party movement and the Nazis share a birthday and nothing else.


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