Filling In #2

By Jake 

You're probably disapointed to not see a Good Morning post by Nate (the regular Wednesday GM writer), but he was feeling a bit under the weather and asked me to fill in for him. This would be the perfect transition into doing the weather ("Speaking of the weather..."), but we're not all from the same place so what's the point?

A Haiku
Turn into liquid
Secret World of Alex Mack

A Photo

The trees in my front yard and the moon.

A Joke
What's the difference between a desk and a woman?
A desk is not capable of feeling emotions (among many other great differences)

A Music Video

Watch this, trust me.

I think that's enough. I'll see you kids soon with a real post.


  1. That was a really awesome song, and there were at least two remarkable mustaches in that video.

    "Cooking burgers aint exotic. But we all know it's patriotic."

    "It's in our blood, it's our tradition. It's almost like we're on a mission."

    Is it *almost* like we're on a mission? If so what are the qualifying aspects that would truly constitute being on a mission. Oh, and WHAT FUCKING MISSION>?

  2. i can only hope my moustache is near the level of epicness those two were by the end of March Moustache Madness.

  3. i'm at least 70% sure this is mikey's favorite song, second only to "by your side" by sade.


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