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By Katy

We've made a change to your usual Friday mornings! Rather than waste your time with talk of the weather or predictions of what will happen in Iowa throughout the day, we're going strictly movie previews! I am currently accepting YOUR suggestions for a much better article title. Please submit ideas in the comments section.

Welcome to March 19, 2010.

  • The Bounty Hunter (Rated PG-13 which is surprising for a movie about bounty hunters).

  • Synopsis: Gerald Butler plays Milo, a bounty hunter, or perks up with excitement when he's given the task of tracking down his ex-wife, Nicole (Jennifer Aniston). Nicole is a reporter who jumped bail, and while Milo catches up with her pretty fast, she manages to slither away in attempts to get the story on a high profile murder cover-up. This game of cat and mouse continues for what I assume is most of the movie, until they both find themselves playing mouse to the people that covered up the murders in the first place. Duh. Now they're both runnin' for their lives... and more importantly, for their rekindled love.

    My Take: Not bad, really. Not original, but not bad. I won't go see this in the theaters unless someone really wants me to, and that has to be a very special someone. Glenn. I can't help but like Jennifer Aniston, even if I haven't seen a movie she's made... ever, I guess. But she's still cute. I'd do her.

  • Greenberg [Limited theaters] (Rated R for eternal sadness).

  • Synopsis: We once again find Ben Stiller (Greenberg) playing the down on his luck, less successful, poor guy whose life is constantly terrible. He moves in with his brother in LA and being sad and lonely, attempts to reconnect with his old friends... who aren't really friends anymore. Awkwardness ensues, along with sadness.

    My Take: I go back and forth on Stiller... whether or not I like him that is. This movie reminds me a bit of Funny People, which is a movie I really enjoyed. I always like being sad, it's one of my favorite past times. I'll see this movie if Glenn goes.

  • Repo Men (Rated R for being the far less superior repo tale).

  • Synopsis: Organs and replacement body parts have come to the point where people wear them like jewelry. Er, not really.. but they buy them when their own parts fail. They're super expensive and just like anything else you buy in America, once your "no interest" period is over and you still haven't paid off that credit card bill, men will come and slaughter you in puddles of gore and sweet bloody collections. Oh yeah, and Jude Law is in this movie. Remember when people used to make jokes about how Jude Law is in like, every movie ever... but then he stopped being in movies for a while so that joke wasn't funny anymore? Well this is the moment you've all been waiting for; it's hilarious again.

    My Take: Like any other self-respecting fan of Repo! The Genetic Opera, I find this Repo Men crap appalling. Sure, it's based off some book written by some dude and therefore not technically "stealing" but it's also true that Repo! creator Terrance, started building this story on stage back in 1995. Whose stealing now, ERIC GARCIA?! It's all right though. To make up for this travesty on theatrical and operetta brillance, Repo! is going back to theatres today as well! So, if I see anything about slaughtering strung-out hookers with new knee caps, it's going to be the REAL repo man, Anthony Stewart Head. I love you, Tony.

  • The Runaways [Limited theatres] (Rated R in hopes Dakota Fanning isn't raped in this one).

  • Synopsis: Joan Jett and Cherie Currie (Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning) are two wild and crazy teenagers who wants to play musical instruments like the big boys. That's basically it.. it's the story of The Runaways and how they were created and how much sex they had.

    My Take: For a split second I was hoping I had been dead for the past three years and hadn't heard any news of a Runaways (the graphic novel) movie coming out, but alas, it's just another Kristen Stewart movie. She and Jude Law should get together and make a shitload of movies... haha.. RIGHT? Am I right?! Yeah I don't have much interest in this. Frankly, seeing someone as joyless, lifeless, and listless as Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett seems like a travesty, but hell, maybe this will be her turning point where we discover she can play more than boring and misunderstood. But really, we'll have to wait until Glenn sees it.


    1. The only one of those movies that sounds interesting to me is The Runaways.

      Also, I've seen several Aniston films: Along Came Polly, Leprachaun, and half of The Object of my Affection. Besides Leprachaun she isn't in any good films.

      I liked this so much more than a GM article, btw!

    2. Katy I love this. Now that I'm in LA I can see all of these movies - even in limited release! This weekly Friday morning post will turn out to be a template for my lonely, desolate weekend.

    3. THEY MADE A MOVIE ABOUT THE RUNAWAYS????? how is this my first time hearing about this?? i'm hoping dakota fanning plays someone's daughter, and not an actual member of the band. dear LORD.

    4. I'm sorry, but there is not enough outrage being displayed for Repo Men here. I don't know if I can continue writing movie previews without some sort of empathy.

    5. Katy, what makes me so mad about Repo Men is that there's a sequel to the great 80s film Repo Man coming out called Repo Woman some day. This is total bullshit.

    6. Repo Men was a pretty big flop. It only made $6 million, but the Bounty Hunter did $21 million! Aniston is a box office hit!


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