Oh Come On! (Music Video Meltdown)

By Jake 

I woke up and to my surprise Nate didn't post a Good Morning article like he said he would.

Correction: Nate did actually write a GM post, but scheduled it instead of posting it. Sorry Nate.

This video presents a very convincing anti-piracy rap. If somebody rapped to me about piracy when I was 10 years old I wouldn't have downloaded the complete Mr. Magoo last night.

This guy knows what's up. He has a ton of videos like this, which makes him either great or horrible. I'm pretty sure there's no inbetween.

Giving Paul Lynde a variety show special is one of the most befuddling moves that a TV network has made, ranking up there with giving Emeril a sitcom.

Rounding up the video meltdown is this classic rapvertisement. I just coined that term, so please give me credit when you use it.

Well, there you go. Maybe I'll just do this on Wednesdays if people like it. I like posting videos because I don't have to write that much.



  1. I've seen that floppy vid before. hilarious.

    also, you should add "rapvertisement" to Urban Dictionary quick!

  2. God, I sat through every minute of those videos. That is the longest video on floppy discs I have ever watched. I gave Mary a present on FB once that was the mini-mall guy's cartoon head and 'mini-mall' in quotations because I didn't know it was a thing.

  3. Don't Copy that Floppy is absurdly long. It's almost as long as Rapper's Delight or the television miniseries Roots.

  4. That Floppy rap is almost post-rap, but not quite. I agree with the message and that's why I don't even own computers with floppy drives anymore.


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