Good Morning Gh-gh-gh.........GHOSTS!!??

By Kaleena 

Someone suggested I do themes. I think that'll work well. Once I was invited to a party and I had no idea what to wear. I almost went crazy. Then I was told it was going to be a Porn Party and everything just fell into it's glorious place.

I have decided to prepare you for the inevitability that you will one day live in a haunted house. This is Ghost Hunters, the most factual show on television today. These guys are on the real - no homo. Why else would they go into the MANSON HOUSE!?!? Because they are pussies? Oh I don't even think so. Because they are committed and REAL! As real as the ghosts of Sharon Tate and the other ghost they encounter.
Too long for you? Then good luck surviving your future haunted space.

Sometimes ghosts inspire - like this awesome video from Cut Copy. If it's one way to forget the nausea of creepy souls in limbo speaking to you through a fat bald guy and a nerdy lil' white dude who kind of reminds me of....I forget his name - it's Cut Copy. They make me happy on the inside and out.

Okay, so what to do when you find a lost baby ghost of the sheep variety stuck in your attic? Well first of all you will be WAY more scared of it than it is of you. Ghosts, even baby sheet ghosts, know that humans are way too mental to understand that they can't hurt us. On that note, get over the initial shock, change into some clean pants and then check for some marshmallows. As most boy scout campers will tell you the most innocent part of their times were the campfire. Marshmallows and ghost stories are magnets for the real thing. They love to be talked about and they want you to ask them all the questions you can about themselves.
As you two get comfortable you can start coaxing the little guy toward the window where one solid gust of wind will blow him out of your life forever - well, out of your mortal life that is.

I hope you have enjoyed my informative and totally real article about ghosts. I look forward to talking to you all again next week.


  1. Kaleena, you are so weird!

    "Ghosts, even baby sheet ghosts, know that humans are way too mental to understand that they can't hurt us."
    Does that mean you're a ghost!?

  2. I was really scared of the baby sheep ghost, then I found out it was just a sheet ghost. I love Kal's themes and was glad to see Cut Copy working its way in their.

  3. Isn't this on the Discovery channel? Ghost Hunters, I mean. That always pissed me off. Because ghosts, like knowledge, aren't real.

  4. I myself am haunted by the ghosts of various rock stars who died tragically in their youth.

  5. Ghost Hunters seem like bros. I saw an episode that went down like a Long Island bar fight. It was basically a shoving match with a "ghost".

  6. omg not going 2 lie i read this at night and now im scared to go to bed w/ the lights off

  7. Keelin called something "mental" like a British person. There are no British ghosts.


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