Good Morning Post-Coachella

By Glenn 

Good morning. I hope everyone read about my trip to Seattle last week and I hope even more that you want to read about my trip to the Coachella Music Festival this past weekend. I'm still working on getting the copyright permission, but I hope to put together something later this week. I survived the trip clearly, though many people did not. The final Coachella death toll for this year was around 250, which sounds bad until you remember the 5000+ who died when Tool headlined in 2006. Talk about a Schism!

[That is a reference to a Tool song. If you don't know it, be thankful. You could be one of the 5000 dead from seeing them at Coachella in 2006.]

Today's Weather

That picture is Eyjafjallajokull, the little volcano that could - and did - disrupt air traffic all across Europe. This is totally a weather related event as this volcano has shot more smoke up into the sky than the burning oil fields of Kuwait. We can't blame Iraqi troops for this one though. They're all far away from Iceland, tucked safely into the highest levels of the new Iraqi government. There is a fear among scientists that this volcano smoke will cover the entire world the way the fallout from the meteor killed the dinosaurs. After sitting down with Eyjafjallajokull and talking, I think that's a bit hysterical. At least a bit.

Today's Tree

Deep down we all have our favorite trees. Whether it's the one from the Shel Silverstein book, the one George Washington cut down or the one you lost your virginity inside of, trees have a special meaning to everyone on the internet. The tree I'm highlighting today is a joshua tree, named after the U2 album of the same name. Both are very popular, were created in 1987 and feature the hit single "With Or Without You." Joshua trees live out in the California desert and no one's quite sure how they got there. It could have been aliens, like Stonehedge, or slaves, like the Egyptian pyramids. But however joshua trees were created, there is one thing for sure: they are today's tree.

Today's Prediction

U2 will headline next year's Coachella and do every song off of The Joshua Tree. At the end, the crowd - consisting entirely OF joshua trees - will remain silent, unable to speak. Joshua trees do not have the power to communicate, unlike Eyjafjallajokull. Eyjafjallajokull will give an interview to the Orange County register at Coachella talking about how it's great to see U2, Foo Fighters and a reunited Talking Heads, but maybe staying in Iceland would have made more financial sense.


  1. I feel like I've never been more informed in my life.

  2. My favorite tree is the one from David the Gnome. That tree was truly something else.

  3. This is interesting because the final death toll for your visit to Seattle was also 250.

  4. Hah! This is great. I'm glad that I actually know less about Coachella having read this. I LOVE the tree of the day idea and your tree of the day. Glenn, you're my tree of the day ")

  5. glenn is responsible for two of those 250 deaths--two of my roommates didn't make it back alive!! i love your GMs glenn.


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