KTz Preview Reviewz

By Katy

  • The Greatest [limited] (Rated R for soul-sucking sadness).

  • Synopsis: Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon star as Allen and Grace Brewer; a couple whose family is on the verge of collapse from the death of their oldest son. Only a few months after his passing, a girl named Rose shows up to their door claiming to be pregnant with his child. The Brewer's accept the girl into their home, and while her presence in their lives brings on a lot of grief and struggle, they eventually come to find her, a salvation, of sorts.

    KTz Take: It sounds all right, I guess... if you like that "our son died and now some random girl we don't know is showing up on our front steps claiming to be pregnant with our son's kid and we'll just take that at face value and let her into our home" kinda movie. As for me, I prefer to stay away from child deaths... I have to watch enough grieving families in real life every time I turn on MTV.

  • Leaves of Grass [limited] (Rated R. Everything is rated R. This world is harsh).

  • Synopsis: Susan Sarandon is in this movie, too! More importantly, so is Edward Norton. Professor Bill Kincaid (Norton) is one of a set. He returns home to Oklahoma to bury his twin brother (Edward Norton) only to discover his brother faked his death in order to lure Bill into a drug plot. Somehow, Bill is implicated in a murder and sentenced to remain in Oklahoma indefinitely, a fate worse than Fox denying Jay-Z air time. I don't know what happens after this, but apparently this is suppose to be funny.

    KTz Take: I heart Edward Norton and if this is suppose to be someone comedic, then I can't see how it won't be anything but awesome. I find it highly unlikely that it'll come to a theatre in Cedar Rapids so I'll have to throw it on Netflix or fly to LA and watch it with Glenn.

  • Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too (Rated PG-13 so teens can learn how chaotically dramatic and hilarious life really is).

  • Synopsis: This is a sequel to Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married. Apparently not enough teens saw the first one and he wants to continue pointing out why marriage is a commitment not to be taken lightly, or at all. Four couples of good friends get together in the Bahamas to catch up on marriage and life until something terrible happens. Sheila's ex husband shows up, randomly, to the Bahamas, to destroy Sheila's new marriage and win her back. This starts an onslaught of doubt throughout the other marriages on the island and everyone gets a divorce and cats.

    KTz Take: Someone once made me watch parts of Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Tyler Perry really isn't for me. Maybe I'm just a bigot that can't relate to the struggles of upper-class African American families, or maybe I just can't relate to marriage. But the main reason I'm avoiding this movie is because I'm furious with the complete lack of grammatical oversight in the title. And I'm a movie snob. In fact, I've been considering a new title for the article "Reviews from a Snob." Not flashy or amusing, but honest and to the point. Thoughts? ANY THOUGHTS?

  • Clash of the Titans (Rated PG-13 for awesomeness for all ages... over 13).

  • Synopsis: Perseus (Sam Worthington), that dude who stole up Andromeda, is rockin' this whole war thing between Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and Zeus (Liam Neeson). He gathers some gents to join him on a quest to stop the unrighteous overthrow of the earth and the "good" gods. He was raised by a man, so he totally doesn't understand anything about being omnipotent and super powerful but he needs to get over it cuz he really needs his godly powers to win this thing. How will it end...?

    KTz Take: I'm going to see this movie on Sunday, possibly. It's going to be epic and possibly awesome, I'm not sure. My boyfriend (sorry fellas) has suggested I watch the original, but I'm totally going to do that after I see this newly updated version with tons of special effects before I sit, staring through the films of the past. I hope I can still appreciate it. I do like mythology. Plus, check out this crazy cast! Sam Worthington as Perseus? Actually, I've never seen anything with Sam Worthington in it so I guess I don't have much to comment on... but Liam Neeson as Zeus? Move over Morgan Freeman, there's a new go-to-god in town!


    1. I'm not a fan of "Movies from a Snob" as a replacement title. You don't really come off that snobby. You know what would actually be cool though, if you embeded trailers for all of the movies.

      I don't think any of these movies look very good. It seems like there hasn't been many good movies coming out this year.

    2. I meant Reviews from a Snob.

    3. k8y, you are the next roger ebert.

    4. Embedded trailers WOULD save me from typing a synopsis... but then you'd always know what the movie is about. Is that what you want this article turning into?

    5. I could easily get behind a movie like the Greatest and would love to see Leaves of Grass. Ed Norton is great! The other two I could take or leave.

    6. I think trailers would be good. I will never see 99% of the movies you pre-review anyway. They all have fucking Susan Sarandon in them!!

    7. It's fine. She has to die soon, right?

    8. It already HAS turned into that. I think by assuming a grammatical oversight, your review of Tyler Perry was racist. I always thought I liked Ed Norton, but when I thought hard about it, I've never seen a movie I liked with him in it. Am I wrong? I didn't like Fight Club so let's not get into that. Didn't see 25th Hour, Am Hist. X or Death to Smoochy, what else is there, Red Dragon?! Awful!!! Oh God, I've never seen Everyone Says I Love You!!!!!>@?!

    9. I just watched Everyone Says I Love You, it's about a 6 or 6.5 out of 10. He's good in it. Death to Smoochy is okay. American History X is really good, though. I liked him in the newest Hulk movie, but I don't know if that's your thing.

    10. i really like everyone says i love you. american history x scared me for life as a 12 year old. all i have to do is think of the final scene (VOICE OVERS KILL ME, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE ABOUT RACISM AND FROM THE GRAVE!@) for 15 secs and i start to tear up.

    11. Ok 6 or 6.5 on a regular movie scale, what about on the seriously curved Woody Allen scale?

    12. For a Woody Allen movie it's not bad. It's not very pretentious, more just a love letter to old time musicals (with the music coming from old movies including a rendition of Capt. Spaulding in French). It has some laughs and is sort of cute.

    13. It should be noted that I've seen it three times. So I guess I'm drawn to it although it's not technically good-- much like Weekend at Bernies or Mannequin 2.


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