One Week In-tertainment (4-12-10)

By Jake 

You may have been expecting James to write a post, but he feels sick. He also thinks OYIT has no readers (this article will serve as the proof, even more so than Google Analytics or Sitemeter). James' illness and pessimism has afforded me the opportunity to post my entertainment article I usually post on Saturday. I was out-of-town in Springfield for a wedding. I even took this picture of some geese as proof:

Portia de Rossi is getting ready to publish a memoir.

Tiger Woods played in some golf tournament that I had no interest in, but some people did because he fucked a lot of waitresses.

Kate Gosselin is on Dancing With The Stars and that's something people are supposedly interested in.

Also Kate's husband is suing her for custody of their eight children. Again, people (or at least are interested in this shit.

Real Genius and The Toxic Avenger are both being turned into terrible remakes.

Lisa Leslie has birthed a boy.

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have split up and it's not even 2012!

Oprah is going to have a late night talk show for her own network.

I don't know if this will mean much to anybody, but Sleater-Kinney singer Corrin Tucker is planning on releasing a solo album on Kill Rock Stars with a vague October release speculation.

Matthew Broderick has given a rave review of the upcoming Sex and the City sequel, which he caught a special screening of.

This week's big news: Sandra Bullock and George Lopez are friends. Find the inside scoop on!

Peace to our Fallen Homies
Dixie Carter


  1. Just announced today, Conan is going to do a show on TBS.

  2. James, you need to be optimistic. OYIT is still growing. I'm gearing up for a redesign and we'll be on a rocket to Mars (metaphorically hopefully).

  3. love the geese. they look like baby loch ness monsters.

  4. I just invited all my facebook friends to join the OYIT facebook group, so we'll be rockin' in no time.


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