Life With Mikey [4-12-10]

By Mikey 

April is my favorite month of the year. I like December because I get to listen to Christmas music and get presents, but I don't like the snow and coldness. Maybe the government can move Christmas to April.

I expected Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist to be longer than it was.

I'm worried about my son finding pornography on the internet. It's a lot more shocking than Playboy was when I was a kid, plus he's not going to learn anything about stereo receivers.

I'm glad it's not snowing anymore, but I sure regret not having a snowball fight.

I'm on a big Tracy Chapman kick.

I'm still mourning Dom Deluise's death.

Origami is not impressive, anybody can fold paper.

I wish I could read web comics all day.

Robin Williams is so funny when he does stand-up, and it translated perfectly to the movie Aladdin.

I would love to go to a Jimmy Buffett concert, but I'd be too worried about people getting too drunk to enjoy myself.

All modern music sounds like it was recorded in a cave.

I've lost fifteen pounds dieting.

I have thought about sliding down a giraffe's neck like a firepole on more than one occasion.

Nobody wants to play Scrabble now that they can play Halo or see a movie about aliens.


  1. "All modern music sounds like it was recorded in a cave."

    You're only saying that because you just listened to the new Osama bin Laden album.

  2. Congrats on your diet, Mikey. You should be the Jared of Arby's.

  3. Obviously you haven't heard of

  4. omg love aladdin but daddy says i can't watch it cos they are arabs :( umm lol idk even know what arab is


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