A few helpful suggestions for your day.

By Kaleena 

Here are three economically sensible things you can do with your day:

Finding yourself a little strapped on the food cash? Go to an all you can eat contest. As you gain noteriety and weight you'll soon be able to get three gigantic meals into one day. Most likely, as the small-town hero, you'll have your funeral funded by the townsfolk who'll build your coffin from the old church piano.

Become a pavement 3D artist! This should only take a year or so to master so start NOW. You'll need a little start-up money but in the long run, if nothing else, you'll at least be known as the one who "draws really well." And who doesn't want that?

Not into art or eating a disgusting amount of food? How about making large cakes? You don't have to eat it - but it would be delicious! You can, however, get your name in the Guness Book of World Records by applying yourself baking daily until you've got just the right cake recipe. Then bake the largest cake known to man and decorate it anime style and you've got the best cake ever!!

Now, these may not seem economically advantagous to you and in reality they're kind of not. But sometimes the things we want will cost us a pretty penny. That's just how it goes.
Have a great week!


  1. I don't think becoming a 3D street artist is going to solve all of my problems, but I think it will solve most of them.

  2. Mizzou bans student organizations from using sidewalk chalk. Now that I'm outta there, this would be the perfect time to learn 3D sidewalk chalk art and cover the campus!

  3. thanks for these suggestions! i'm going to bake the world's largest cake then eat it in a contest.

  4. Why is that corn eating guy putting mustard on his corn!!!?!? I will never stop being confused by those 3D sidewalk paintings. Thanks KaL!


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