The Goose and the Gloryhole

By Jake 

Anthony and Billy sit in a car.

- A goose wandered into a bar on State Street.

- So what? I don't give a shit about no goose.

- Hey, shut up, I'm telling a story here.

- Yeah, yeah...

- Yeah...So this goose walks into the bar on State Street. It waddles into the bathroom.

- How does it open the door?

- I don't know. He pushes it open, I guess. It's the kind you just have to push.

- Yeah, okay.

- So the goose is in the bathroom and it goes into one of the stalls. The wall of the stall has one of those gloryholes in it.

- What's a gloryhole?

- It's a hole a guy sticks his dick in and the person on the other end blows it. It's probably mostly for fruits.

- Hmmm...That's pretty fucked up.

- Yeah, so this goose sees this fucking gloryhole and guess what? He fucking falls in love with it! Can you believe that?

- How do you know the goose was in love?

- He was in love, you gotta trust me on that. I know love when I see it and that fucking mixed up goose was in love.

The End.


  1. I put myself through college working as a door-to-door glory hole salesman, and let me say that Geese are indeed the best customers.

  2. As much as this was just an excuse for you to talk about glory holes again, I still liked it :)

  3. I think I heard about that but it was probably from here. Either way, it still makes me lol. I love this story!


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