Iris' Story Corner: Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs - Everyone Wins

By Iris 

(BUB: The following is a story told to me by my 4 year old daughter)

When there is a cowboy,

and a bush,

and a princess,

and a God comes to this castle because he is a ‘Dod’. A ‘Dod’ means he turns into different animals.

The God was on a perpation and the perpation had a power. Because they pretend to have a power, they didn’t have the power to read. But they did read in case a Super Why was watching them.

So the cowboys had powers and the dinosaurs tried to fight them.

The dinosaurs didn’t fight the cowboys because they had a fire and tried to fight it but they can’t because they didn’t have the powers and the fire was really hot.

The dinosaurs couldn’t have the power because they were enormous. But the cowboys were small enough to have power; they were smaller than the dinosaurs.

Breaks into song:

The End


  1. This is strange because I told Glenn this exact same story the other day...

  2. Haha! It's even stranger because Glenn told ME this story 3 years ago!!

  3. This was great! Way to go, Iris. She's a natural born storyteller, like a little Slick Rick.

  4. i laughed so hard when reading this. please make iris stories a series.

  5. You did well Iris, that was a wonderful story. You can send grandpa a story anytime. Love ya

  6. Iris most certainly deserves her own series. Also, may I borrow her when I'm having a hard time sleeping? The dreams I would have from her stories would be awesome.


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