One Week In-tertainment (5-22-10)

By Jake 

Not as much news this week as there was last week. I don't make the news, I just report it. If I did come up with this stuff on my own, I'd make sure it was more interesting than writing about Amanda Seyfried not wanting to keep dating her boyfriend.

Lindsay Lohan was almost arrested in Cannes. She wasn't in the end, though.

You asked for it, you got it, America. Fox is airing a Napolean Dynomite cartoon.

An updated version of Pound Puppies is coming to Television.

Megan Fox is out of Transformers 3. She'll have to stick to not making the worst film of all time.

MTV picked up the Teen Wolf TV series. Maybe this show can give some credibility to Teen Wolf Too.

Eddie Murphy said on Leno that he's considering making a return to stand-up and he's even writing new jokes. There should be more gay stand-ups.

Juan-Carlos Cruz, a former Food Network chef, was arrested in a murder plot. He allegedly approached homeless men asking them to kill somebody for him. None accepted.

John Travolta's dog was tragically killed at a Maine airport. Maybe Juan-Carlos Cruz hired a homeless man for the 'hit.'

Who do y'all think is hotter: Lindsay Lohan or Megan Fox? Was I wrong for using a pic of Lohan instead of Fox?


  1. WOW. a new teen wolf tv series AND a napolean dynomite cartoon?? why are people who work in tv industry the worst people in the world?

  2. I wish the 5 people who liked this would have commented. This is just depressing to me.

  3. Sometimes there are no words. But I thought the picture, at first, was of a few young girls I know that live in New York City. I was disappointed to find out it was LL.

  4. glenn, you know "young girls" in new york city?? introduce them to me! maybe i can babysit.

  5. I used to treat my stuffed animal Pound Puppies like real pets!! (because my mom would kill all my live pets :(


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