Good Morning Bridges

By Glenn 

Good morning. Bridges are something we all encounter in day to day life. They're part of the daily routine of all Pittsburghians and have also been responsible for more deaths in Minnesota than Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Emmer will ever get the chance to be. Not that he won't try to kill people - he just won't be able to match the body count of that bridge collapse. Anyway, bridges kill people but they also get us over the water in a reasonable efficient manner unless you're in New York City after midnight. Remember that for future reference.

Today's Weather

Here's the bridge I take to work every day. It's been really rainy, which means sometimes there is flooding. That means there's water on the road but it hasn't yet completely submerged it.

Today's Prediction
Tom Emmer will narrowly lose his race for governor of Minnesota and take out his frustration on the people of that great state by building a Christian recreation center two blocks away from the bridge collapse. While many people will be upset, Target and Best Buy will donate $350,000 to the project because "Christians have the freedom to discriminate against homosexuals just as well as Muslims do." How true, how true.


  1. I was hoping this would be about the metaphorical bridges we are forming with the Muslim community.

  2. That is a really pretty picture.


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