One Year In Texas Talk 8-26-10

By Nate

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The answer to world peace is smiling kids pictures

Yes, I wanted to call about the little kid's pictures in the paper. There are people who have called in to my paper saying they do not like the kid's pictures. I think having those pictures is great, I hope they continue to print the pictures of the little kids. With all the things that are wrong with the world today, I think that everybody should be happy to see little kid's pictures in their newspaper. So keep the little kid's pictures in the paper. Thank you.

Everybody wants on the No Call List, but not the No Fly List.

I am so glad this primary election is over with. I got so disgusted with phone calls from all the politicians callings. I am on a "No Call" list. Why are politicians allowed to call? Keep putting children's pictures in the newspaper. What better could be in our newspaper than those smiling children? Thank you.

This is America; print the Koran in English!"

Is the inclusion of the mosque across the street from where 9/11 occurred Freedom of Religion in America, or is it the subjugation by another religion of American principles? Sharia Law, footwashers, prayer rugs, separate gym facilities for female and male Muslim students. The list goes on here in America, and Muslims have been at least 120 years, in their words, why haven't we heard about all of these problems they are having within society now or before? Sadly, I truthfully, I believe it is subjugation of their will which is their actual plan. Get an English Koran and find out for yourself. You will be surprised, terribly surprised.

What's Love got to do with it?

With the ruling of the California court, striking down the rights of heterosexual couples to marry one man, one woman, it is now time for those marrying multiple has happened a lot in Utah and all of these other organizations like NAMBLA and everybody else to rush forward and make sure that their deviant lifestyles are protected under the law, just opened the floodgate of the gravity and make sure that everyone can sleep with elephants, dogs, wolves, lambs, and Mongrelize marriage because as the gays and lesbians are not truthful about their reasons for wanting to marry, it is nothing about equality, it is about power and money for corporations, insurance companies, and yes, even the federal government and Social Security Administration, to pay out huge insurance claims, moneys for spousal rights under Social Security. It has nothing to do about love or society's need for two different parents raising children, but then again, who says you have to be truthful when it comes to marriage?

Put me behind the gun!

As a past American veteran, I will say this. I will make it short. That PFC that gave away all of those classified documents should be put up against the wall and shot. As least his death wold be quicker than those put under the gun - his brothers, civilians - people such as that who work honorably with America, so yes, put me behind the gun, I will put him out of his misery faster and more humanely than he will be doing to his brothers in arms, and yes, I believe that anyone else found doing the leaks, including the Wikileaks person needs to be put up against the wall as an example so it will never, never happen again. They forget we are at war and they should go back and use the war powers act to kill a few of these lying, thieving brothers.

Welcome to Obama's childless America

Yeah, I was wondering what we're gonna do about the population in this country. It's getting out of control. How are we gonna keep paying for all these government handouts as the country gets bigger? We don't have room. We don'at have the resources. And China and India are gonna take us over by sheer numbers! If we can't maintain our population, then we can't defeat them. We need to get this country down to 1950's levels. Kick out all the immigrants. Kick out all the welfare babies and anchor babies. If you can;t care for them yourself, they're out. We need to kick out all the Mormons and their multiple wives and multiple children practices. When is it going to stop, people?


  1. going off these messages alone, our readers are the worst people in the world.

  2. I think we'll really flesh out the 9/11 Mosque debate in Tuesday's debate which is about the Ground Zero Mosque. Although I know almost nothing about it (and don't care even slightly).

    I think we should have an article featuring pictures of children smiling. Good idea!


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