Good Morning "Cathy"

By Keelin 

Good morning, beloved comic strip "Cathy." This may be our last chance to address this venerable entertainment franchise because, like the newspapers that print it, it is soon to cease publication and be buried under the digital heap that is New Media. News of this cancellation has devastated the portion of the American lady community who sometimes wear glitter make-up and say things like, "Let's have a girls night out!" There will be nothing to keep these women entertained between now and the next "Sex and the City" movie. Nothing but the sweet memories of the past and all that other crap that is marketed to them intravenously.

Today's Cathy Weather

In my limited experience of reading "Cathy," the titular character never went outside because she was too busy being a crazy spinster in her apartment. Thus, the weather is not relevant to her.

Today's Cathy Facts

Did you know Cathy loves chocolate and hates trying on swimsuits? Also, she just can't find a man! Just like all you other pathetic gals out there! It's like a mirror held up to reality only in crude line drawings spouting terrible female cliches.

Today's Cathy Prediction

"The Collected Works of 'Cathy'" will become a key text book in many a college seminar on gender in culture. Cathy's reaction will be as pithy as it is predictable: "Ack!"


  1. This is the most autobiographical good morning post I have ever seen, with the possible exception of one ashlee did earlier this summer.

  2. ACK!!! This was great. I hate Cathy, and am surprised that there aren't more articles about her. I personally make Cathy jokes anytime anybody eats chocolate or tries on a swim suit. Even men.

  3. It's true, he does.
    Though I will be sad to see Cathy go - wait, no I won't. Nevermind. Nice post!

  4. "...who sometimes wear glitter make-up" is my favorite line from you yet, keelin!


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