Life with Mikey (8-02-10)

By Mikey 

We have finally reached August, the hottest month of the year. This is when my wife usually makes jokes about frying eggs on the sidewalk. Even if you could do that, who would want to eat them? They would be so dirty.

Fabio never got many good movie roles.

Lincoln Logs are the only toy named after a president.

I'm surprised Nancy Kerrigan didn't have a bigger impact in the last decade.

Most of my favorite songs feature electric guitars.

My son's videogames are too complicated. I can beat him at pong, though.

I hate the Dewey Decimal System.

I know what a 'chug' is but what's a 'lug'? Is it a beer?

What the heck does "Too Legit to Quit" mean? This has been bugging me for 15 years.

I don't know if I'm pro-life or pro-choice, but I know that if somebody promises to get rid of late fees on video rentals they have my vote.

I never owned a wallet chain.

We are all going to get cancer. Life is better when you just accept it.

My wife smokes a cigar with me occasionally. I find it attractive.

I'm not afraid of the dark, but I am afraid of getting mugged at gas stations.

Gary Larson is one of my favorite comedians.

When did they stop making preacher/priest/rabbi jokes? Probably when Dave Coulier started doing stand-up.


  1. Mikey, only you are showing adequate concern for Fabio's career.

  2. Who would hate the Dewey Decimal system?

    And Mikey chain wallets are great. You should get one.

  3. mikey, you are SOOOOOOO not too legit to quit.

  4. Mikey that is super racist to not go to gas stations after dark.

  5. Gary Larson is a cartoonist, you schmuck!


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