Untertainment Weakly (6-15-12)

By Jake

Jeanne Tripplehorn has joined “Criminal Minds.”

This upcoming season of “Weeds” will be its last.

Portia de Rossi has joined the awful sounding “Munsters” reboot.  She will be playing Lily Munster.

Alyson Hannigan had a girl as a baby.

A three-hour director’s cut of “The Avengers” could be coming to theaters in August.

A “Tonka Trucks” movie?  Why not?  Everything else stupid is already a movie.

Andy Samberg has left “SNL” but is joining a BBC comedy called “Cuckoo.”

Ashley Tisdale will be in two upcoming episodes of “Sons of Anarchy.”

Universal is planning on making a “Snow White and the Huntsman” sequel.

Warners Bros. are planning on somehow making a “Guiness Book of World Records” movie.

Matthew Perry Watch

Matthew Perry’s new sitcom “Go On” will premiere on September 11th.

Movies Out This Weekend
That’s My Boy - This movie has a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, but 71% of the audience liked it.  So if you’re a person and not a critic, you might enjoy this movie.  The trailer looks awful and Adam Sandler is awful, but Andy Samberg is great.  Plus, this movie had a rewrite (credited on IMDB) by David Wain and Ken Marino.  So I don’t really know.  I might go see it.

Rock of Ages - Old people rock, or so this movie’s title would somewhat lead you to believe.  Tom Cruise plays a Scientologist whose career is slipping away, and in this movie he plays a rock star or something.  I cannot imagine the kind of people who would want to see this film.

Movies I Watched This Week

Song of the Week


  1. 1. Alisyon Hanegan had a girl when SHE was a baby?

    2. OMG. have you seen the trailer for That's My Boy? It looks awful, worse than the twin movie.

  2. Yes, to both of those questions. And "That's My Boy" does not look worse than "Jack & Jill."

  3. Too soon Matthew Perry! I like Andy Samberg to see the movie whose title I will not dignify by repeating!! I can't believe that AH had a secret baby when SHE WAS A BABY HERSELF!!!

  4. 1. Portia de Rossi is one of the hottest lesbians to exist ever.

    2. I'm kicking myself in the ass for not getting my 'Tonka Trucks: the Movie' script out there first.

    3. The Haim "Forever" video feels like a strange tribute to Hanson's 'Mmm-bop'. I guess I COULD be wrong but I just don't feel that's possible.


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