Drake For the First Time: A Song By Song Analysis

By R. Murthy

Drake: For the First Time
A Song by Song Analysis

By R. Murthy

1.     Tuscan Leather – This track begins without any sort of bravado or pique in curiosity of what is to come next. “Drake” just launches into his raps and I can only picture long abandoned “Jimmy” from Degrassi Junior High. Good for him for branching out into the rap game. He has the potential to someday be a multi-talented threat like Shaquille O’Neal, but if we’re being honest, let’s face it. No one is as great as Shaquille O’Neal.

I also found it quite bold of “Drake” to rap about Family Matters and bring up Winslow right there in the first track. KANYE ALREADY DID WINSLOW, JIMMY. AND HE DID IT BETTER.

So far, I find your work to be trite and quite derivative. But we are still at track 1. Let’s see what else you have to offer.

2.     Furthest Thing – Not much stood out to me during this song until about 2:54.           I noticed they got that deep throat guy from Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” to do some guest vocals. He must be a serious partier because here is again, not giving a fuck. But this guest appearance gives me good memories of warm weather and “We Can’t Stop” which strangely gives me a glimmer of hope for the rest of the album.

3.     Started from the Bottom – This album is starting to pick up a little now. I’m feelin’ the groove. Getting more into it.

But, eh…kind of repetitive. Ok, repetitively catchy.

4.     Wu-Tang Forever – Shout out. But its about a girl. It’s always about a girl.

Oh, dang. Fucking out of spite? Does he know my life? Tell me more, “Drake.”

5.     Own it – Can’t decide if the transition between songs was smooth or unceremonious.

6.     Worst Behaviour – Ok, Drake. Good job. Owning your Canadian roots by including the “u” in the title. Also, Degrassi reference! Bonus points!

305 – Drake’s got the hook up at customs. Canadian or American?  

***Then I fell asleep.

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