Good Morning from OYIT [Fri Jan 23]

By Glenn

Good morning. I'm back! When I got up at 7:30am yesterday morning (as I do every morning) I was shocked to see the Good Morning post written by someone else. Once I found out it was Jake, I was relieved. I was even more relieved when I took Releev, the 1 Day Cold Sore Treatment, and the cold sores I had gotten over the past week from writing this column disappeared.

[The origin of my cold sores as previously stated is untrue, but the correct origin would be inappropriate for column that seeks to start your day pleasantly.]

Today's Weather:

The most difficult part about in telling you the weather each morning is that it can change. Yesterday morning Jake wrote this but even if it had been me I still wouldn't have been able to predict how gorgeous it ended up being Thursday. It was literally beautiful. I sat on a couch reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac and pretending that I was Dean Moriarty. If you live up in that purple section of the US I recommend you also head "on the road" until you reach the yellow or orange parts where it is warmer. The so-called Rust Belt will be more of a "Blue Belt" today as cold temperatures continue to plague the area like the disease SIDS.

Today's Fun Fact
According to the Online Computer Library Center, the number of distinct Web sites grew from 2.8 million in 1998 to more than 9 million by 2002, when they stopped keeping track.
Think about that. There were 9 million websites in 2002 when Chechen rebels took the occupants of that Moscow theatre hostage and each year 9 million more Chechen rebels are added. What I meant to say there is 9 million more websites added each year. Today alone there will be almost 25,000 pages added to the internet. Will one of them be yours?

Bob Dylan Song of the Day

Don't Think Twice It's All Right from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

Long known to Dylan enthusiasts as the under appreciated highlight of this 1963 album, DTTIAR was finally brought to the mainstream attention in the mid 1990s due to its promotional tie-in to the movie Babe. The film, both a commercial success and a gateway for many of its young viewers into the early catalog of Dylan, dealt with the harsh realities of animal slaughter in 1950s America. The song was incorporated into the film as sung by the spider Charlotte to the pig Babe when he was concerned he was going to be killed and eaten.

Please enjoy the definitive version of this great Bob Dylan song as you start off your day and your weekend. "See" you Monday.


  1. You could have found a better way to tell me you had herpes!!!!!!!!!

  2. Allison Weiss can't do anything until she plays Bob Dylan. I feel like there's a little Allison Weiss in all of us.

  3. Also, I loved this Good Morning post. This is one of my favorites.

  4. this is my favorite article so far glenn!!

  5. First comment on that youtube video:

    Dominantss (1 month ago)
    I thought this was originally by Frankie Valli!?

    What a dumb ass. How could someone so stupidly ugly watch something so beautiful as Allison Weiss?

  6. I would not be surprised - shocked yes, but not surprised - if we saw more Allison Weiss in the future.

  7. This post will inspire more Chechen rebels than the Srebrenica massacre!


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