One Week Entertainment [1-18-09]

By Jake

Here at One Year in Texas, we're always looking for new way to entertain the public. So, I got to thinking: what better way to entertain people than talking about entertainment? Also, considering web-personalities like Perez Hilton gets about 5 million visits a day, and we get a little over 100 (which is still amazing, really), this could be really big for us.

So, on with the entertainment news:

Good news for fans of the only two good live action comedies on network television. The Office and 30 Rock have both been picked up for another season.

Also in an interesting turn of events, Pushing Daisies is coming back in the summer. This is good news, because scripted shows about gardeners are few and far between. This summer we'll be planting ourselves on the couch and growing very fond of this show, indeed.

In more exciting television news, it seems as if God may actually exist, because Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz are going to star in an upcoming episode of CSI: NY. They will be playing a Bonnie and Clyde-style couple. This is a great move for everybody, including us, the viewers.

Chuck, the live action story of Charlie Brown [check wikipedia before publishing], will be brightened up by TV's greatest poison-- Chevy Chase. Since being physically removed from his talk show, Chase has not appeared on a scripted television program. He has really not appeared in many movies, either. Although, he provides the voice of the lovable mutt in Karate Dog.

According to this article, Brody Jenner and his girlfriend like to stay home and bake cookies. If you have their recipe, please post it in the comments.

Amy Poehler has a new show set in my home state of Indiana. It is produced and written by people from The Office.

On January 15th, Happy Days celebrated its 35th birthday. I celebrated this momentous day by punching jukeboxes all day.

Don Cheadle is coming to TV. Hopefully either in a TV adaptation of Hotel for Dogs or Hotel Rawanda. Maybe next week I will be able to break the big news!

American Idol is on TV still.

John Mayer is working on a network variety show. This is great news for fans of everything that is wrong with America.

Patrick Swayze is still dying of cancer. From dirty dancer to fighting dirty cancer. We're with you Swayze.

Jennifer Hudson, known for singing and having her family murdered, is realizing another career high: singing at the Superbowl.

Emma Bunton, better known in America as Baby Spice, is featured in a very uninteresting article on

Former lesbian and psychopath Anne Heche is expecting another son.

Bruce Willis and Cybil Sheppard are in talks to make a Moonlighting Movie. Cedric the Entertainer is now unable to ruin another TV-to-movie adaptation.

In a shocking bit of news David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell have decided to end their relationship. In a bit of unshocking news I have no idea who either of these people are.


  1. Why wasn't there any celebrity news about Ryan Gosling?

  2. I feel dirty having read this, and I JUST WALKED THROUGH A CAR WASH!!

  3. Flight of the Choncords Season II starts tonight.

    I've met Chevy Chase. It was in a mansion in Denver down the street from John Elway's. It was at a reception for Sen. Harry Reid. Paul Begala of CNN was also there. Chevy's wife is hot.

  4. Well, I've met Showtime from the Harlem Globetrotters, and the strippers he tried unsuccessfully to get back to his hotel room were hot!

  5. i mistakenly said i was a fan of chris daniels (he's a wrestler on the very crappy TNA - if you don't know i don't blame you and i'm sorry for wasting this space).
    i also met P.O.D (THE P.O.D) once, but they refused to deface my american dollar so i a.) became an un-fan immediately and 2.) stomped their cd out right in front of their crying, bitch faces


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