Good Morning [Fri Feb 27]

By Jake

Good morning friends. Welcome to another day where you get to be alive and look at the internet and watch television shows. You might read and/or listen to music as well. I may do all four. Perhaps I will add playing video games to the equation. I may do none if I fall into a catatonic state. Hopefully somebody will read to me if that happens. Perhaps somebody with a deep booming voice like Barry White. His voice is like velvet dipped in chocolate and whipped in a blender, only to be spread on more velvet and then topped with silk flakes. This good morning article is dedicated to Barry White's soothing voice.

TV Show for 'Tweens of the Day
Today's TV show meant for tweens is Nick's iCarly. I had family dinner at my grandparents' house last night, which we have every Thursday, and we watched two episodes of iCarly. My one and a half year old sister, Kathy, loves iCarly. I don't get it, but the sounds was too low for me to hear, plus everybody was talking very loudly. They run a website, like OYIT, but they get traffic. They don't give any tips on how to get traffic, but one episode featured a man in a dress, which is the highest form of comedy. I highly recommend this show if you're a tween or under two years old.

Rodney Dangerfield Movie of the Month
Rodney Dangerfield had a superb career as a stand up comedian, but what few people realize is that he had a fairly poor career as a movie star. Yes, he was in Caddyshack and Back to School, I do realize this. Do you realize that he was in Ladybugs, My 5 Wives, The Godson, Back by Midnight, the 4th Tenor and, the Rodney Dangerfield Move of the Month, Meet Wally Sparks.

In Meet Wally Sparks, Dangerfield stars as the titular Wally Sparks, a tabloid show host. He goes to the mayor's mansion in order to uncover a sex scandal. If anybody can uncover anything it's Rodney and his superb gift for making fun of foibles and not getting respect. In a scene of this movie he holds a statues phallus. I don't know what you guys consider funny, but I consider this to be one of the all time great comedy bits. It's at least equal to Harpo cutting things with scissors in Duck Soup, which is the funniest movie ever (even though men don't dress like women). Rodney Dangerfield was a star that shined so bright that he shined nearly forever, but eventually he died and we were all sad. RIP Mr. Dangerfield.

Cockney Rhyming Slang of the Day
Apples and Pears is slang for Stairs

Usage example
"Up the Apples and Pears to Bedfordshire"

Today's Video of a Child Dancing to a Moderately Popular Song


  1. Thank you Global Warming Skeptic and famous dead-man, Michael Crichton, for creating Dino-Mania in the early nineties. I distinctly remember dancing to this with my Velociraptor t-shirt and Jurassic Park baseball cap on.

  2. i couldn't tell whether the child was waching a t.v. or if her parents put her up to it. either way, no offense to moria, but ugh!
    no offense, though. it's no mystery that i love the 'good morning' articles.

  3. I would guess parents, because the other videos from the person that uploaded that one features her family dancing.

  4. i wish ladybugs was the rodney dangerfield movie of the month, because then i could watch it without feeling so much shame.


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