TV Show Idea: Ione Sky and the Cloud Brigade

By Jake

Last week's TV show ended up being so controversial that several people committed suicide after reading it. This was not my intention, I was just trying to pitch a TV show to Hollywood through the only medium I have-- the greatest website in the world OYIT.

This week I'm going to try something different once again. This time the star is going to be a female actor (or actress if you're sexist). The actress I have in mind is Ione Sky from the hit movie Say Anything. This show is going to be more geared toward children.

Ione Sky stars as an exaggeration of herself. She wears a shiney black and gold skintight outfit, and a black police style hat. She is the fleet commander of the Cloud Brigade.

The Cloud Brigade is a group of highly trained clouds (Cirrus and Contrail being the two highest ranked, of course). Cirrus and Contrail are Ione's right hand man and woman (Contrail is a woman, obviously). They help her dispatch the other clouds whenever there is some bad stuff going down (such as a kid is being bullied, an elderly person is being discriminated against or nuclear war). Cirrus and Contrail will also serve as Ione's personal security when meeting with diplomats from Mercury.

Altostratus, Altocumulus and Nimbostratus are the second tier of the Cloud Brigade. They all have their own special abilities that can help them solve different problems when they team up together. These clouds teach children about teamwork. Altostratus can make it snow, Altocumulus creates a dark, menacing atmosphere and Nimbostratus brings low visibility and constant precipitation. When these three work together they are nearly unbeatable.

The low level clouds still have a higher ranking than some others (Nacreus and Noctilucent for instance), but their duties are more often just scoping out the situation and then reporting back to Ione so she can make a decision on how to handle that particular problem. Stratocumulus, Stratus (who usually deals with maritime problems) and Cumulus (the best at keeping a lookout) are the three low level clouds, and they serve a very important job. Without them, the Cloud Brigade would be clueless.

Nacreus and Noctilucent are essentially the privates of the Cloud Brigade. Ione rarely personally deals with either of them. She's just too busy hosting, planning courses of action and throwing to brief cartoon segments. They are not as important, but rather are trainees working toward the goal of becoming a higher level. Will they make it? Probably, because it's a children's show and you don't want to disappoint a kid.

Of course, other clouds will make appearances. That's a given, really. This isn't the only Cloud Brigade, so sometimes other clouds (an earthquake cloud for instance) will be needed to use their special skill in order to save the day.

The main focus of this show will teamwork, planning and hard work paying off. It will set children up for disappointment later on in life, but who cares as long as it can make me some money. I doubt it will, but hopefully some F/X executives are skimming the internet searching for a project featuring Ione Sky and come across this site.


  1. I like the idea of a cloud brigade. For some reason it reminds me of the character idea 'Orange Orphan'.

  2. i would have been all over this when i was a kid. actually i'd watch it now, honestly. if you found a way to do this for real you totally should.


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