Dream Journal [3-10-09]

By Jake and Kaleena

Dreams, the foundation of our sleep houses. If it weren't for dreams what would we have? Nothing, that's what. Literally nothing. We would all be dead and stuffed inside of John Wayne Gacy's crawl space. Thanfully, we have dreams, and thank God that we can keep journals of them.

I was sitting in a Pizza Hut reading Noam Chomsky's book on 9/11. I was laughing so hard. The waitress came over and told me to stop laughing and I proposed to her. We got married and honeymooned in Paris. It was fabulous!

I was hanging out with three guys (two of whom were the guys from 'Flight of the Conchords') when one decided he had to go to the corner store. It was the middle of the night. I then left to go find him with a black briefcase with some valuable stuff in it (I don't know what it was, I just knew it was valuable). A big black dude stops me and says I have to help him with a drive-by. I tell him I don't want to. He says "you have to". Then I say "why" and he says "or else I'll shoot you". So I say "good reason" and we get into his circa 1973 Blazer (pimped out, of course) and he jacks the hydraulics until we're riding about 10 feet in the air. We're driving to our destination when the guy mentions we're going after the rapper Saigon. "Not Saigon!" I say - "we haven't got a chance!" He's on his cell and not paying attention to me. I'm hoping I can duck in time to avoid the crossfire. What a vivid and invigorating dream it was.

I was fishing with my uncle Larry. He was using leeches as his bait. I knew it was a dream, because he only uses worms. He's very traditional that way.

I went to a thrift store to look for a jacket. The thrift store specialized in capes. I found five jackets and they all fit wonderfully. Turned out I didn't have any money and I told them I'd come back some other time. I don't think I ever went back. I feel a bit guilty.

Three motorcyclists were swarming around my house. They were digging into the grass, leaving a brown ring around much of my home. I called the police. They refused to come, they didn't even give me a reason. They just flat out refused. I stayed on the top floor of my house and eventually the guys got bored and left.

I was sitting under a large oak tree. The bark was kissing my back (not literally, this dream isn't farcical). I leaned back and fell asleep. While I was asleep, in my dream, I had a dream about becoming the world champion of Frogger. Man, Frogger really is one hell of a game, isn't it?

I am a 9 or 10 year old girl at my parent's artsy friend's house. A party is winding down and it's just our family and their's; the adults talking and drinking and the kids watching t.v. A 3 year old boy is staring at me and his mom thinks this is funny, like he is 'flirting'. He runs away in embarrassment to her, then comes back and climbs in my lap and falls asleep. It's understood in the next scene that my mom had gone out with his mom and him (this is about 14 years later) sailing but they got caught up in a storm and lost at sea. Grief stricken, my dad and I decide to try and find them. We are on an absurdly small boat for ocean-sailing and it soon springs a leak and begins to sink. A couple of dolphins come to save us and we tell them where we're heading and they immediately take us to a house that's floating in a marina out in the middle of the ocean-nowhere. It looks like the house I grew up in. We go inside and there's the boy I've known since childhood. He survived - my mom and his sister did not. I become overjoyed at the fact he's alive and realize I'm in love with him. The dream fast-forwards to a number of years later in a small,artisan village. I am pregnant and we (myself and the boy) are married. He works in a small shop, goes off to work and I'm wandering around the village. I see two women I know and hear them talking shit about me. I get pissed and duck into a coffee shop that has paint supplies for free and start painting and drinking my coffee. This is all real and I dream like this all the time. I don't need acid.


  1. I really thought you were going to end up with a cape, then BAM! five jackets, what a roller-coaster ride! Way to dream J & K

  2. re: thrift store dream
    i would feel badly too

    re: motorcycle dream
    typical po po

  3. Maybe in another dream you can return to the thrift store.


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