Good Morning From OYIT [March 26th]

By Kaleena

Good morning! Good morning! I am singing my best wishes to you on this fine Thursday morning. "Why so fine, Kaleena?" one may ask. Well, because it's another day we all have woken up alive. Of course if you didn't, I am terribly sorry and much condolences to your family.
Okay, let's start this ball rollin' down the green hills that I wish were behind my house.

My God this map is awesome. Just awesome. That's why I picked it. Not because I'm necessarily worried about cloud cover (and unless you're worried about snowstorms or rainstorms or volcanic ash storms you shouldn't be either) - I just couldn't believe how awesome it looked for as little time as it took me to find it. Bask in the glory!

Today's featured treat - CAKE! I was initially going to tell you all about the dangers of leaving a pan's plastic handle over an open flame for an extended amount of time, but hell, cake is just so wonderful and as this photo will prove, not just in taste! Cake is versatile and yet always delicious. Not a lot of things are like this. Cake sculpting is quite a unique culinary skill to master and could possibly save lives. Example - someone goes into cardiac arrest at a wedding you're attending. If you are skilled in the craft of cake sculpting, you could make a quick magical piece of the existing wedding cake and hold it over the victim to shock them back to his/her life with amazement. I would suggest giving it a shot sometime - it could only help ease the pain of loss if it doesn't go well.

Though the show itself is hit and miss in giggles (in my humble opinion), the end chase always makes me lol and lol HARD! I hope it works the same on you.

Thank you for reading this edition of 'Good Morning OYIT'. Drink your coffee, go to work and stop wasting any more time on your computer. Unless you're reading articles on OYIT of course!


  1. btw, i just noticed the shadow on the weather map. i think it's night-time in that area. or.....shadow from the satellite? whatever, it's still a great map.

  2. Benny Hill is funny, don't listen to Kal. There's no such thing as sketch comedy that isn't hit and miss.

  3. None of the pictures are working right now. I hope it's a blogger issue.

  4. Hmmmm...they are working for me!

  5. maybe i angered an internet god because they're not working no our computer right now either. damn that cake is AWESOME looking too!


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