Life with Mikey [3-23-09]

By Mikey

My car blew a tire out on my way to Arby's earlier this week. I thought to myself, "When will it all end?" Then I just walked to Arby's and it was the best meal of my entire life. It's like Einstein's law of relativity. The great Arby's meal was the opposite reaction to my flat tire.

  • Baking soda plus vinegar is a better time than I ever had watching any CSI series.

  • I thought Magic Johnson's talk show was actually pretty good.

  • Let's help those in need.

  • Is there anything more embarrassing than getting a speeding ticket?

  • We wouldn't have half the problems we have now with our economy and such if Mark Russell was still singing his political songs on the piano.

  • Could somebody please explain this Doonesbury strip?

  • I am addicted to Crossword puzzles. I hope my family doesn't hold an intervention.

  • I have a glass of wine with dinner. So what!?

  • Oatmeal? I'd rather eat nothing.

  • I'd order a latte, but I'm not a woman.

  • I was watching Commando on TNT. Rae Dawn Chong is excellent in that.

  • Summer is coming and the weather is getting warmer. I'm really going to miss hot chocolate, but I can't wait to say "see you later" to the cold weather.

  • I see all these shows about poker when I'm flippin' through the channels. I'd rather play solitaire!

  • I overheard a woman on the bus complaining about her son's acne. I really felt bad.

  • Does anybody know where I can find movie times and locations online?

  • The show, Deadwood, was tasteless.


  1. Magic Johnson? It's 2009, Mikey!

  2. Mikey, men can order lattes just as easily as women can. Don't pollute our site with your sexist rantings.

  3. mike- speeding tickets embarrass me too.

  4. I'm always come back to Life with Mikey and reread it just to see if Mikey is really as stupid as I thought. HE IS!

  5. i don't think that was mikey who wrote about the latte - especially with a comment later of;
    "I overheard a woman on the bus complaining about her son's acne. I really felt bad."
    That is quite a feminine statement and i believe there may be a saboteur in mikey's midst.

  6. Kal, you think that remorse is a feminine quality just because I don't have any.


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