One Week Entertainment [3-21-09]

By Kaleena

Good morning fellow Americans, legal and illegal immigrants alike. Oh, another week passes us by bringing with it the warmth and sexual energy of spring. This energy hits all - including the world of entertainment. So let's see what's been happening in our day-dreamy absence, shall we? Great.

  • Howard K Stern and two of Anna Nicole-Smith's doctors are being charged with supplying an over-abundance of drugs to her before she died. This is news?

  • Twilight's writers and people in charge have decided not to change a major character before their second film comes out. I read the books but refused to see the first movie. Still, it would do them good not to fuck up EVERYTHING in transition.

  • Jack Black gets in on the 'Dancey Dance' segment of Nickelodian's 'Yo Gabba Gabba!'. Has anyone ever seen this show? I know I make quite a few drug-references, but seriously, this is what I imagine a borderline bad trip to be like. That said, I retained respect and faith in Jack Black.

  • Steve-O is on 'Dancing with the Stars'. What an asshole.

  • Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love-Hewitt are now a confirmed couple. Congrats?

  • Robin Williams is recovering very nicely from his heart surgery. Way to go!

  • Micheal Jackson's run of 50 concerts in the U.K. reportedly sold out within 5 hours of going on sale. He'd better take plenty of naps, drink lots of juice boxes and eat-up those yucky vegetables to keep that energy up !

  • The producer for the James Bond films name is Barbara Broccoli. I am LOLing and grateful to have read into that story

  • A fight broke out at a casting call for 'America's Next Top Model' in NYC. The video was great and I'm truly surprised this hasn't happened a lot sooner.

  • Gwenyth Paltrow suggested in an interview that Joaquin Phoenix move to the ghetto for a few years to develop "authenticity" for his rap career. Part of me is slightly offended, part of me wishes all those ghetto-wannabe assholes would do just that.

  • Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips are engaged. They are going to have some minnie hippy-nerds.

  • Amy Winehouse pleads 'not guilty' to assault charges. Right - it was the crack's fault was it?

  • Natasha Richardson died this week after head injuries induced by a fall while skiing. Condolences to Liam Neeson and family. Let this be a lesson - snowboard.

  • Christina Ricci wants to be married for all the right reasons - the ring and tax break. How sweet?

  • Kanye West is charged with 3 misdemeanors in a paparazzi scuffle. You know what, I hate the paparazzi and I think every action toward them is totally justified - well, not paralysis, murder or maiming. But for kicks, wild punches and run-downs with cars I say if they don't want limits, there's got to be risks.

  • An ex 'Project Runway' model was arrested for assulting her ex-boyfriend with her cat's water dish, some apples and her laptop. Is there some huge misunderstanding somewhere that is leading people to believe abuse is acceptable or you just won't go to jail nowadays?

  • Rihanna and Chris Brown are taking some time apart. Now that's a step in the right direction, Rihanna, but I have a feeling we've got quite a way to go.

  • Hillary Duff's starring in a movie named 'Greta'. It's like 'The Bucket List' for suicidal teens.

  • Nadiya Suleman is saying she feels discriminated against for being a single-mom. No, it's because you are a single mom with 14 children and you don't fucking work.

  • Obama made a comment on 'The Tonight Show' comparing his bowling abilities to being "like the Special Olympics". Egads sir, seriously - remember what happened to the last guy.

  • Michelle Obama and staff have started on an organic garden and beehive for the White House. This is the third or 5th greatest thing to come from this election so far. (Don't quote me on that as I'm not sure it's true).

  • Chevy Chase may be coming back to television in a sitcom with 'The Soup's Joel McHale. I have a weird feeling about this.

    Okay - a LOT to process this week. What a roller-coaster! I for one am dizzy and ready to rest before I head off to bed.


    1. Plot synopsis of Greta from IMDB:

      A waitress falls for an ambitious cook at a restaurant where they work. But as their love blossoms, she has to overcome concerns of her grandparents who are worried about the mixed-race relationship and her boyfriends criminal past.

    2. Tagline:
      She's a trip. But she's no vacation.

    3. Yo Gabba Gabba! is crazy and created by some guy from the Aquabats. Maybe all of them. Source: Ian.

    4. 8 babies isn't entertainment news!!!

    5. i will admit i got that description of 'Greta' from a trailer with no sound.
      also, 8 babies is a circus - so it IS entertainment.


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