One Week Entertainment [3-27-09]

By Kaleena

Oh I can hardly WAIT to see what this crazy week has in store for those of us not fortunate enough to experience the insanity from the inside. Here we go!

  • Scott Hamilton heads back to the skating rink. The 15 remaining ice-skating fanatics are very,very

  • Harrison Ford proposed to Calista Flockhart - wait, WHAT?

  • Bruce Willis ties the knot for a second time around. Congrats and good luck!

  • The Wonder Year's Danica McKellar married composer Mike Verta. Did you know she's a mathematician? That's like a magician only with numbers.

  • Lisa and Laura Ling, reporters for Current TV, were arrested by North Korean border officials earlier this week and are being held for interrogation. They were working on a story about N. Korean refugees in the border region. This is the dangerous shit I have huge respect for.

  • Lance Armstrong broke his collarbone in a race. He will,however,race in the Tour de France. I hope this guy can catch a break sometime, unless he's something like a huge dick in real life.

  • Nicholas Hughes, Sylvia Plath's son, committed suicide. This is a rough family to come from and I send condolences to his sister and other family.

  • MIA's pretty pissed about the mis-pronunciation of her son,Ikhyd's name. My advice? Don't even try.

  • Letterman and longtime girlfriend, Regina Lasko finally got hitched. Though I'm sure it was an act, he could've sounded just a bit more sincere about the whole thing. In my opinion he should be quite grateful - I bet he's a pain in the ass to live with!

  • Singer Big Kenny (whoever that is) is going dark for Earth Hour and asks 'will you follow?' I love the earth, but no.

  • Valerie Bertanelli is wearing a bikini on her 49th birthday! I can honestly say I am a bit jealous. I don't look that good at 26 for Christ's sakes.

  • Avril Lavigne has a new fragrance out on the market. It consists of pink hibiscus, black plum and dark chocolate. I want to wear it and eat it if possible.

  • Jennifer Hudson's soon to be wed. Tis' the season!

  • This is my final say on this matter until they take the children away - The mother of the 8 wonder babies is under heavy scrutiny that she's an unfit mother and cares more about the fame then her kids. Wow, they're catching on!

  • Willie Aimes is selling his stuff in a garage sale in hopes to get himself some cash. Poor Willie!

    So many ups and downs - but we press on! On a more serious note, if anyone has any suggestions for my article please let me know. I'm thinking of choosing a 'featured celebrity' every week and giving out the fun facts we all look for about our fave stars. Everyone take care and have a fabulous week!


    1. Earth Hour is the dumbest thing ever! People are putting all of their efforts/donated money behind such pointless bullshit.

    2. agreed - it just goes to show that guilt is a powerful money-making weapon.

    3. hey, i participated in Earth Hour, buddy!

    4. Way to waste your time on pointless bullshit.

    5. "Way to waste your time on pointless bullshit."

      Coming from Jake. HA!!!

    6. Bub says it like he sees it. But I'm going to save this all for Tuesday's debate.

    7. The 15 remaining ice-skating fanatics are very, very....WHAT, kaleena? very what? i just can't handle the suspense.

    8. well emily, that's what happens when i don't pay attention :)
      also, how about no hate, eh? earth hour is a sweet gesture but if you give a damn about the earth for real you'll find things every day to do like pick up a piece of garbage here and there or something.

    9. That's the point I'm trying to make, but it somehow makes Brandon take a jab at me. People who participate in Earth Hour are just doing what some bleeding heart j/o's are telling them to do, and there's nothing wrong with that. The same bleeding hearts are the ones wasting their time, which could be spent at a soup kitchen or a concentration camp;

    10. It me feel ill when someone tries to belittle people trying to do something good (even if it IS a waste of time), especially when that person doesn't spend their time trying to make a positive difference. It's the worst kind of cynicism, and it tries to pass itself off as some kind of wisdom, when in reality it's an excuse to be lazy.

      I didn't take part in Earth Hour, simply because I forgot, otherwise I probably would have. Not because I am under some illusion that it will save the world. I agree that there are a lot more productive ways personally to make a contribution. But what something like Earth Hour does do, is it brings more and more people into the fold of considering their personal impact on the environment that otherwise wouldn't. And since it is truly a global problem, the only way to effectively combat it is to get everyone involved. Huge stunts like this, and it is just a stunt, at least get people thinking about ways to help. I am going to guess that without Earth Hour you may have not even considered spending time at a soup kitchen this week. But in order to defend your opposition to Earth Hour, you did. And possibly next week, you will actually volunteer at one. And the world WILL be better off. AND it will all be due to Earth Hour.

    11. Earth Hour is responsible for more children drowning that Susan Smith (due to people turning off their headlights).

    12. I asked you to save it for the debate!

    13. Ha! That's just a taste. It's like a cheese cube with a toothpick stuck into it on a platter in a grocery store across from the meat counter.

    14. But in Jake's defense, Earth Hour is stupid.


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