Why Don't Women Like Rush Limbaugh?

By Heather Joy

I apologize for not writing anything in a while. I have been nose-deep in ass since my Valentine's Day article. Speaking of romance and ass, Rush Limbaugh has been causing quite the ruckus as of late, and I want to delve into his specific quandary: Why don't women like me??

I personally don't like him because he's fat.

I think some other women are put-off by his less-than-charming remarks that the feminist movement is a ploy to get ugly women into the workforce. Ridiculous ...but, so what if it was?? Ugly women deserve to have radio jobs just as much as any man. He also frequently refers to women as "babe" and tells em to lighten up when they express disapproval. That utter disregard indicates a sense-of-entitlement to women's bodies, and that's just nasty. Yuck. And finally, Limbaugh throws around the term "feminazi" and we women don't like to think about all that bad shit we personally did to the Jews. Sorry!

Limbaugh's metaphorical rock-throwing at women is really just a tactic to gain a friend or two (ie. what's left of the Republican party). Good thinking. This is a newfangled version of the 12 year old boy maneuver to impress his friends, and I would even venture to say--to adopt the words of Michael Steele--that it is indeed "beyond cutting edge"! Limbaugh may or may not be the new leader of the Grand Ol' Party, but suffice to say, he has made a few more friends and is gaining a helluva lot of attention.

You see, conservatives want you to be an asshole or enjoy asshole; hence the popularity of Coulter, Hannity, and O'Reilly, who all try to conceal their insecurities with bombast. Do you think Steele made any new friends by being friendly? That is, hip-hop friendly? No! Credulous, white suburban kids can't even vote, silly!

Limbaugh's machoism works within that particular space, but in terms of appealing to a general female population that may or may not transcend party lines, Limbaugh's problem is that he conflates the supposed female affinity for "bad boys" with asshole. And that is simply unattractive. There is a reason why little girls told on some boys for throwing rocks and not others ....and it has nothing to do with OUR level of attractiveness, but yours.


  1. Good article, Heather. There's not enough holocaust references on this website, and I'm glad your not letting us forget.

  2. Is that a giant vagina behind him?

  3. Oh .. nvm, I see. It is artistic ass.

  4. According to Rush,

    "I'm just a harmless little fuzz ball. I'm the sweetest, the nicest, most generous, compassionate, confident, cocky, I-know-what-I-want-and-I-know-what's-right-and I'm-going-to-say-what-I-think kind of guy you could run into"


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