Good Morning from OYIT, May 19, 2009

By Ingrid

Is it sunny out today? I wouldn’t know, because in my heart it is gray and overcast. It is also gray and overcast in my eyes because I have cataracts and it’s never sunny when you have cataracts. I’m saving up to have them removed. Anyway, I knew it was going to be “one of those days” when I dropped my deodorant this morning as I was applying it and it drew a white line all the way down my black business-casual suit. If I’d had a Mentos©, it would’ve dawned on me to take the deodorant stick and draw stripes all up and down myself, making it look like I was wearing a fashionable pinstriped suit instead a black business-casual suit with one dorky deodorant stripe down it. Unfortunately, a burglar broke into our house last night and stole my Mentos© supply and most of the money I’d been saving for cataract surgery. But chin up, OYIT readers! Just because I’m having “one of those days” doesn’t mean you have to suffer the same fate. I’m sure this something good about this day…I just don’t know what it is yet.

The Mentos© Commercial

Seriously, who was the team that worked on this commercial?! Get me this team! Brilliant!

Student-Made Film of the Day: Middleman

This short film was made by some of my friends and acquaintances in Springfield for the SATO 48 film festival. They had to make it in 48 hrs and….I don’t know, there were some other things they had to do. The point is that I love it, and every time I watch it my heart swells with pride for my ancestral homeland. For those of you who live in big, fancy cities like NYC, DC, or Nixa, this may not be so impressive. But in Springfield it is hard to find an amateur film with great acting and great script.

Radiohead covers Portishead

The only collaboration that I can think of that would’ve been better than this one is if Joni Mitchell covered Britney Spears, which will never happen. Partly because Joni has chain-smoked her voice into oblivion, and partly because she dropped out of the music scene 30 years ago and probably doesn’t even recognize the relevance of Britney Spears in today’s (or 1997’s, as it were) music scene.

On This Day in 1944...

...Chewbacca, or rather, the actor who played Chewbacca, was born. Happy Birthday, Peter Mayhew! I'm sorry you had to go through life being 7 ft 3 inches tall and looking not very different from the tall, hairy alien you once played in a sci-fi trilogy.

I feel better! I got to share three of my favorite videos and a pic of Chewbacca. Who cares if they fired me at work for only having one pinstripe on my suit? I hope you all have a great day!


  1. your work has no sense of what trend-setters were sent to this earth for. you're a trend-setter - wear the fake pinstripe and watch it flourish around you.
    great clips and you should be proud of your hometown friends.

  2. of course he looks crazy! he is! i bet he doesn't speak with words but in the chewbacca-roar. i bet for his chewbacca costume they didn't even have to make a headpiece-- they just combed that bush of hair over his eyes. wow. he is my hero.


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