Life with Mikey [5-18-09]

By Mikey

Because of my discussion last week of the Virtua Boy, I had to go out and get myself a Wii. It's not exactly like the Virtua Boy, because it's in color and isn't strapped to your face. I like Wii tennis more than I liked Virtua Boy tennis. I like both of them more than real tennis, too much running for me.

  • I get bored in traffic, but I'm not bored if I'm driving fast because then I watch things as they zoom by me.

  • What's with indoor smoking? It seems like it's being banned everywhere. I don't smoke personally, but isn't this an issue of personal freedom?

  • I'm glad Gary is writing for the website again but I still wish Bub would come back. I really just want this website to be full of great writers!

  • Without a doubt, grapefruits are the worst fruit. They're too acidic. I'd rather drink soymilk than grapefruit juice.

  • I was listening to the radio the other day and Collective Soul's "Shine" came on. Some songs don't age well but some do. Shine does.

  • Where in the world is Ricky Martin? He's a regular Carmen Sandiego with this disappearing act. We need to dance, Ricky!

  • I hate to use floss, but there's no avoiding it when I eat corn on the cob.

  • Hey A-rod, hit a homer for me.

  • I have never once done the Macarena and I don't see myself doing it any time soon.

  • I love a good corn maze, but I always get scared that I will never find my way out. Then I remember that I could just eat the corn and my worries melt away.

  • Andy Capp has good cheddar fries, but his comic strip stinks.

  • I will never be able to wrap my head around Cricket.

  • Remember the Snorks? Those guys were hilarious.

  • My children will never see Leave it to Beaver. I don't want them to get any ideas from that no good Eddie Haskel.

  • Howie Mandel can make deals all day long, but to me he'll be that guy who blows up rubber gloves on his head.


    1. mikey, do you have something against soy milk?

    2. have you ever had Ziggy toast? oh my god,it too is MUCH better than the comic strip. i could eat Ziggy toast for days but i can really only stand the comic strip once in a GREAT while!

    3. Mikey out of all the idiotic things you've said, insulting Howie Mandel is the worst.

    4. I always figured you to be more of an "Andy Griffith Show" type of guy, Mikey.

    5. LIES Mikey! You know damn well you hate the fact that I am writing for this website. You only want one great writer on this site and thats Mikey.

      ps maddie check your oyit email I found that Wife Swap episode in full and sent you the links.


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