Good Morning

By Jake

I'm glad to be here to join on this lovely morning. It's supposed to be in the 70s today, which is fantastic after being pretty cold yesterday. We obviously don't need to sit here and talk about the weather. This isn't the time to "shoot the shit" as they say.

This is a picture I took last night as the sun was setting. There's really no reason to post it other than I think it looks really nice.

This is a great song/video combination from the Christian group Sonseed. The song is called "Jesus is my Friend" but who knows who true the title is. The song itself is kind of a like a really poppy ska song, and the band has enough people to be a ska band, even. Although, several of the people are just singing instead of playing various horns and writing songs about chewing bubblegum.

Here's a great Cumbia song. I've recently been obsessed with South American and African music, especially the music of Brazil. Cumbia is the national music of Columbia and it has a really easy 4-step dance that I insist you learn and do along with this video. The video itself is mostly women shaking their asses and twirling around. According to a commenter on the video, the lyrics are like:
Come, little nigger girl of the manglar [manglar is a plantation of mangroove trees] / ant of the city, / your cumbia tastes (to me) like fruit, fruit, fuit of my beach, / your cumbia tastes (to me) like fruit, fruit, fruit of my beach/ Come, Zenaida, dance my cumbia

And, of course, here's a dumb wrestling interview video that's apparently build-up for Bezerker and Papa Shango vs. Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior. I am starting to run out of Ultimate Warrior videos, but I will find other videos to post, even if nobody besides Kaleena watches them.

Okay, I'm out for now. Be sure to come back and check out today's debate, which is already done. The topic this week is very hard hitting and controversial.


  1. this was especially enjoyable for me because i memorized "jesus is my friend" when you put it all my wall, so i sang along when i watched it this time.

  2. Some great videos today! especially the - oh what am i saying, they were just all so great.

  3. I would enjoy it if you would post one picture each day that you personally have taken. I can't wait for the debate, which will be the first without me except for the time Jake debated himself as to whether or not he had dual personality disorder.

  4. those jesus people. they are something else.

    pretty photo!

  5. ingrid is anonymous. she couldn't figure out how to comment as herself on this computer, because she is 45.

  6. Thanks. That picture tricks you into thinking we don't live in a projects building. I can definitely post a pic I have taken every day. I have a lot of good ones already.

  7. Jake-

    Who is better

    the wrestler The Ultimate Warrior


    Politician The Warrior?

  8. I would say I am more entertained by the wrestler, but only when he's giving interviews. I watched him wrestle Earthquake recently and it was worse than getting raped by a mountain lion.

  9. I just watched Earthquake get raped by a mountain lion.

    I think politician The Warrior is amazing. I smell a debate

  10. Haha, if this site had two Warrior debates it would explode (like the Megapowers).

  11. please post a picture everyday!!!!


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