Life With Mikey [5-25-08]

By Mikey

I started jogging in the morning. Man, I hate jogging so much. I wear one of those headbands that tennis players wear, and I feel like such a doofus. I would never head over to Arby's wearing one of those, that's for sure. Sometimes I think about just running around the corner and sitting down for 20 minutes, but my wife would probably know. It's like she has ESP sometimes.

  • Jumanji is a crazy movie.

  • I wish I had sausage for dinner more often.

  • Remember those trolls from the early 90s? They had cool, colorful hairs, but I don't like them because I am not a fan of casual nudity.

  • If I could only watch one show for the rest of my life it would almost definitely be Fox's "Bones".

  • Whatever happened to rock and roll music?

  • Titanic was really a pretty decent movie after all the hype died down.

  • Turkeys look really weird. Just think about it.

  • I would have no idea how I would perform a diamond heist. Luckily, I have never been in the situation where I would have to.

  • That Eminem uses some very colorful language.

  • My wife cannot get enough of Boggle. I am not a huge fan, though.

  • Herbie Goes Banana is not as good as you might think.

  • I could not care less about Barcelona.

  • I guess I'm lucky to never have known anybody who committed suicide.

  • I occasionally enjoy a cigar on the patio, but I'm against smoking in restaurants.

  • You don't hear that much about Donna Reed these days. Maybe she's dead.


    1. life with mikey is the gr8est thing about oyit.

    2. Troll dolls were just ahead of their time. Give it awhile, they'll be coming back and casual nudity will be embraced nation-wide.
      and jumanji IS crazy, mikey.

    3. Mikey did you see the Dog Whisperer on Bones last night? It was pretty neat.

    4. Eminem calls people faggots. That's not colorful; it's offensive.

    5. Glenn, stop acting like you listen to rap music. You don't know who is calling people faggots unless it's on a rerun of Friends or Land of the Lost.

    6. I owned and listened to the Marshall Mathers LP. Just because I moved on from 2002 doesn't mean I don't remember who was a bigot.

    7. I mean Slim Shady LP maybe. I don't know if there's a difference and I don't know how to use the internet to look.

    8. Firstly, I don't get why people say Eminem says "faggot" when 95% of rappers say it and with much more venom. He doesn't even say it that much, either.


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