Morning has Broken

By Jake

The title of this Good Morning post is in tribute to Islamic convert and music legend Yusef Islam (aka Cat Stevens). Everybody loves Cat Stevens, at the very least, for making the soundtrack of the great film Harold and Maude. He's one of the first people to touch on the issue of what to do if you want to sing out. For that I say we should commend him. Now let's get on with some videos and such.

You may think your yogurt went bad while watching this video, but it's actually a video with puroresu (Japanese wrestling) legends acting out a bizarre Super Mario Bros. game. The puroresu stars featured (that I can identify) are Jumbo Tsuruta, Giant Baba and Tenryu. Forget that it's wrestling related in any way and just watch it. You can enjoy its insanity.

This is my favorite Daft Punk song from their album Discovery. If somehow you don't know who Daft Punk are, they're French robots that play electro-disco and house music. Their entire Discovery album is packaged as a electro-opera like Tommy, but not shit. Sorry, but I don't really give a fuck if that makes you mad. In fact, I'm trying to provoke you. Pete Townsend fucks children anyway, so who really wants to defend a child molester? Answer: other child molesters.

Let's briefly discuss what Youtube thinks is funny. There are categories, of course, and the "comedy" category is full of shit like Jeff Dunham videos and John and Kate Plus Eight. Youtube, I don't want to see videos of that shit. I don't find any of it funny, only housewives and sorority girls do. I want to see something actually funny and weird, not a video where Goku says balls 30 times in a row. Fuck you.

This is the trailer for my movie pick of the day, which is the classic b-movie, Chopping Mall. This film is about a group of teens (or 20-somethings) who stay in the mall after it closes in order to get drunk and have premarital intercourse. Everything is going swimmingly until the Killbots show up. Killbots are a state of the art mall security system, they are basically robots that kill, as their name would suggest. The trailer is great and I really do love the movie. Plus a head explodes in it, which is always a good thing in film, but a terrible thing in real life. Also, it's called Chopping Mall. The movie was originally called Killbots. I think either title is great, but Chopping Mall is much better.

Have a great day!


  1. this is a great first post youroyitnamehere!
    i was a little taken aback that 'chopping mall' would put the exploding head in the trailer. then again, i can't believe that trailer made it to television anytime before 11 p.m.

  2. Author guesses: 1. Jake, 2. Andrew Skelton, 3. Andrew Lord. I saw an 'Andy' commenting on a previous post. I know ADL1382 (Lord) has read OYIT. The commenter vociferously defended Blind Melon. Still, I am not convinced that ADL1382 has figured out the art of using a computer to effectively access the internet- which led me to think that DaddyLL (Skelton) Andy might have taken up the Blind Melon cause after eating at Michael Jordan's Restaurant to escape from a down-pour. Even still, Jake's name is in the tag, and this is written in a voice that is funny and familiar and espouses the greatness of Daft Punk. Who will win the sweepstakes? My money is on that horse - 'All Bets Are Off' that won the Kentucky Derby (his name was something like that).

  3. I did ask both Andys (Andies?) if they wanted to write for OYIT. Talking to ADL1382 about it in Google Chat was like trying to kick water uphill. I was happy to see him vociferously defend Blind Melon, which even Glenn won't do (although he listens to them all the time).

  4. i love harold and maude and this post.

  5. I feel no more need to defend Blind Melon to your criticisms than I do the criticisms of Obama by Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, et cetera. That being said, I'm glad ANDY LORD finally got his mom off the computer so he could check OYIT!


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