Another Morning

By Jake

Yesterday I somehow managed to forget to put my name at the top even though I started it in the afternoon. Today I'm starting it at 11pm and remembered to put my name. This is an important lesson, in which I learned to put everything off for as long as possible. This is a lesson Glenn has been trying to teach me for some time.

Today's movie is the Protector starring Tony Jaa. It's about a Muay Thai expert who uses his martial arts skills to protect elephants, which he does poorly as the elephants are stolen very early in the film. Jaa heads to Australia to fight people, like in the above scene. This fight is probably the dumbest part of the movie. It's like a Mountain Dew commercial gone awry.

White Shoes & The Couples Company - Senandung Maaf. I love this band so much and listen to their first album all the time. They are from Jakarta, Indonesia and sound like a throwback to 60s music (sort of like Belle & Sebastian, but more fun). I also love this music video because it perfectly fits the song. Enjoy!

Does anybody watch the hilarious and insane interviews I post from the Ultimate Warrior? I would venture to guess that nobody does. You're missing out because they are extremely crazy and cryptic. This is from around the time of Wrestlemania 6, which Glenn and I debated on this very website.

Speaking of Glenn, he finally has a job. Due to his job, his role on this website will probably be nonexistent for a while, so if you'd like to debate me or write any articles contact me at I would especially like to find a debate partner, and Maddie already turned me down, sadly.

I love you all, have a great day.


  1. I'll be in Melbourne for the next week, but after that I would be glad to debate, I think we'd have some good ones (and I'll only have one research paper left).

  2. ultimate warrior? more like ultimate BORE!! haha!! see, it's a bit of a play on words because he was snarling and it made me think more of a boar, than a warrior and i was just taking a jab calling him a bore.
    okay, anyway, good post and in all seriousness it's a good thing the ultimate warrior could give a good interview because i've seen him wrestle thanks to you and ian and WOW....yuck.

  3. i will debate you sometime, jake!

    but not all the time, and it can't be on a hotbutton issue like the fleet foxes.

  4. Ha!
    Ingrid, we can debate this upcoming Tuesday, if you can. Although, I would rather not debate Fleet Foxes because I would have to listen to their album again. I would debate Eminem with Bub, but it would turn into a death match.

    I am very glad the debate is going to stay alive while Glenn is living it up in Tahiti.

  5. Women can't debate!!!!!! Their self esteem is too low. They can only debate other women in a place where no men can see them.

  6. that is true, glenn. it is so hard for me to assert myself in front of men that sometimes when you are force-feeding me green grapes i am afraid to tell you that they will make my chest close up. i don't want you to, you know, think i'm a "bitch" or anything. :(


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