Saturday Morning Cartoons

By Jake

I know what you're thinking: it's Saturday, where's the One Week in Entertainment article that I love and wait all week for? Well, Kaleena forgot to write it last night. Instead of doing it myself, I decided to write a Good Morning-esque article. This article is going to focus on cartoons and movie trailers. Enjoy!

The Movie Trailer I Just Talked About

This is for the upcoming smash hit movie Tip Toes. I am just going to let you watch and love it like I did.

Here's a great video from the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon that will fill your heart up with piping hot magma, and melt your skin from the inside out. It's about love and family, which is hard for some of us (orphans and robots) to relate to. This might clear some things up, though.

The Beatles cartoon deals with the important issue of Taxes in this classic Robin Hood spoof entitled "Taxman" much like their song.

This is my all time favorite cartoon that should have never existed. What kind of super power is being made out of spaghetti anyway? Not a very good one, but it's better than my lack of superpowers.

If you kids liked this, maybe I can keep doing it on Saturdays from now on.


  1. i'm glad tip toes made it to oyit!! and even though i don't enjoy cartoons, i did enjoy this.

  2. the beatles cartoon was deplorable, as bad if not worse than the monkees show, but i have no choice but to love it because it is the beatles. i blindly love everything they did, even ringo's songs.

    my favorite saturday morning cartoon was garfield.

  3. oh my....i'm speech-less.


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