Wednesday Morning

By Jake

Good morning! I don't know what you were doing yesterday, but I do know what I was doing: watching the second season of Happy Days and Teen Wolf. Watching Teen Wolf inspired me to write an article. Gary was also inspired by a movie, one that hasn't even been made yet. Check out his theoretical review of American Gladiators: the Movie. Finally, let's not forget about the debate, which is about carpet. Who doesn't love the discussion of floor coverings?

Today's wrestling video is a part of the episodic build-up to Sting vs. Vader. I have mostly posted old school WWE videos, but this is from WCW. WCW was born out of the NWA when Ted Turner decided to start his own wrestling company, giving it the World Championship Wrestling (the show) spot that had previously been used by the NWA. Ultimately, WCW would be sold when Turner merged with Warner Bros. and AOL. They wanted to make TBS and TNT classier. Well, they sure did a great job of that!

Here's another great Lily Allen video. I like the skit at the very start of the video. I also am realizing that I really like Lily Allen.

Here's an awesome Bas Rutten video where he gets angry and bursts a dude's liver. The best part of the video is that Bas does commentary. Kaleena and I are both fans of Rutten. We love the show he co-hosts, Inside MMA. This video is badass, which is going to help you be more badass today.

All right everybody, have a badass day.


  1. i LOVE that bas rutten video. LOVE IT. it's just the greatest f-you moment i've seen in awhile. a well deserved f-you and that. that little punk-ass wasn't going to get away with his crap.
    i'm loving lily allen too. that video makes me want to prance around gary in my bridesmaid's dress. i bet that would be the only time i could prance around gary without getting mugged :) gary the person or gary the city? you decide.

  2. Sting and Vader go to White Castle

  3. "i think it's gonna come nooowww." that was awesome. i'm gonna go try out those badass moves on my sister.

    i must confess that i don't really like lily allen, except for the song "littlest things" and her newer one with the chorus "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you very, very much" because it's so fun to sing along to. and it's about homophobes, which makes it even more fun.


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