Bon Jour, 8 mai 2009

By Ingrid

Bonjour, mes amis! I want to warn you ahead of time that this is going to be a themed GM post. After several planning meetings and a rift that split the committee into two opposing factions, we finally agreed on the theme: “The French Riviera” (The minority faction was rooting for “One Night in Rihanna”). Think of this GM as a second chance at high school prom – unless you are one of those people who had a date as a junior, in which case it’s your third chance. If you’ve gone to more proms than that, please stop reading; no human should attend more than three proms in their lifetime.

Anyway, this post may be themed like a high school prom, but the similarities end there: instead of awkwardly pinning corsages to one another’s chests, dancing to Aerosmith, and making out in your mother’s Buick, you get to sit there while I desperately try to remember the dying vestiges of my college French. College was a long time ago, friends. It’s going to be tres triste every time I drop a mangled phrase. You’re going to think, “Wow, talk about being washed up and not being able to let go of the glory years.”

In honor of the theme, I am wearing a beret, and I drew a moustache on my upper lip with a sharpie like a Williamsburg hipster.

Video de la Musique du Jour

Nobody makes music or pastries comme les francais. Paris Combo is a musical group comprised of an adorable singer-songwriter named Belle du Berry and an assorted cast of backers who look like the bad guy in a Hitchcock movie. Regardez!

(Note: This is actually not my favorite song of theirs, but the best video available.)

J’Adore Le Television

I have une grande announcement to make! No, I’m not pregnant (anymore), and I’m not coming out of the closet (yet). L’announcement is….I like television! That’s right, I just watched my first television show in its entirety, and it was WEEDS. My roommate has it on DVD, and I thought, what the heck, I don’t know anyone here. Let me see what this whole “television” thing is all about. So I sat down, and I was immediately sucked in by the likeable cast and the stunning plot twists and the steamy sex scenes as well as the full frontal nudity of several main characters, and before I knew it, I had watched all four seasons in five days. For those of you who know me personally, which is actually none of you, you know that this is a momentous occasion. I never watched much TV growing up because my mom told me that it was Satan’s Eye. So me watching an entire show in less than a week is a pretty significant milestone – almost as big as when Maddie turned 16 last week.

READER POLL: does television fry your (or, more specifically, my) brains??

Why are my Bon Jour posts always so long? No wonder I’m the second-to-the-least popular writer on the site. Je suis desolee, mes petites. It’s just that I’m living on top of a mountain right now and the air is thin, which is sort of like being drunk 24/7.

Au revoir and have a bon jour!


  1. a) this GM post was my first prom since i never went in high school b) yay!! i'm 16 again!! maybe this time i'll actually get my license...or go to prom!! c) i love weeds. or did. i stopped watching midway through the 4th season, partly because it started sucking, but mostly because summer was over and i had to go back to NY where i don't have a tv. i think the new season premieres tonight. i hope they are back in agrestic so i can stop not liking the show.

  2. You are not the second to least popular writer on the site. The least popular writer is a tie between Jake and I. All of the female/transgendered writers are VERY popular and posts like this should explain why.

  3. Bon jour indeed! This post was not "so long" in my opinion. It was a fair lenghth.

    I took French for two years in high school and I can barely remember anything. I can't wrap my head around learning another language.

  4. I went to a Uigher restaurant today and got to show off my Uzbek skills (Uigher is just Uzbek written in Arabic script with a few Chinese words). I got to say "Hi, how are you", "Yes, I speak Uzbek", "I am an American student" and " I do not understand" at which point the conversation devolved into a lengthy, non-verbal, struggle over my ordering Rice Pilaf.

  5. where/why did you pick up uzbek??

    i took 2 yrs of french in hs and 4 classes in college. i can't believe i retained such a small portion of what i knew. it's depressing, and makes me wish my parents would have forced me to learn a language when i was a kid. the only thing kids are good at is picking up languages.

  6. They're good at picking cotton too!


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