Good Morning

By Jake

I know what you're thinking, "Not this joker again!" Well, sorry to break the news to you, I'm back for my third Good Morning this week. On the plus side, I actually have a video picked out that I'm dying to share with you. On we go...

I took this picture on my way home from Macomb Sunday. This is a bridge that we crossed. Unlike most bridges I did not burn this one.

This is the video I was dying to show you, although you may die if you watch it. This was a video that YouTube recommended me! As if this video should be recommended to anybody. There are so many videos like this, but of the ones I watched this is the absolute worst. Everything about it is shrill and terrible. Enjoy!

Gary posted this video in the comment section of his Good Morning article yesterday. Some may have seen it already, but I know that not everybody reads the comment section. Everybody who posts on this site (minus Kaleena) probably does, but the other 11 of you probably don't. Plus, I don't have anything else to post and here's why:

Story of the Day
Last night Kaleena and I were watching the movie Tropic Thunder. Kaleena got up to use the bathroom so I checked my email. Glenn had sent me one asking what I was doing, and then asked my address. Then Glenn came over to my house and hung out for an hour and half before getting back on the road to his new job. It was a nice, short visit and I gave Glenn almost a full can of deep base that he can spread on the walls of his hotel room in North Dakota. Hopefully when Bub moves around here Glenn will come back for a reunion of sorts and we can prank call Louise DuArt of the popular television program Cafe DuArt.


  1. reading about your guys reunion is the best thing that's ever happened to me. also, am i the only one who h8ed tropic thunder? that baby video is so fucked up. and fuck that tax auto-tune rapper!

  2. Tropic Thunder was gr8, Maddie. NEVER GO FULL RETARD!

    "What kind of gun is that?"
    "I don't know. I just know the sound it makes when it takes a man's life."

  3. "Just Tax" is my favorite amatuer parody of modern dance hit.

    I have seen Tropic Thunder but I imagine myself watching it and hating it.

  4. That Hey Ma is THE best youtube video I have ever seen. I never LOL but I was just giggling for like 3 minutes straight

  5. Kal and I just finished Tropic Thunder and I liked it. It's not necessarily the funniest movie, but it's still good.

  6. Next week's debate: Tropic Thunder. Or, is it appropriate to pull a knife on someone during an argument about racial profiling.

  7. or a combination of the two...


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