Saturday Morning Music Video Round Up

By Jake

Let me come clean about something: I love One Year in Texas. I know, you're probably calling me 'gay' right now and that's okay. What isn't okay, in my opinion, is the lack of weekend articles here. Over the next several weeks I'm going to try out some new possible regular features. Hopefully they will be good enough the first time to keep so I don't have to keep thinking of new shit. I bring you the first attempt: Saturday Morning Music Video Round Up. This article is going to showcase several music videos from a band or a genre, maybe even a theme. This week I chose one of my favorite bands: Belle & Sebastian. It's a safe choice.

My favorite incarnation of Belle & Sebastian is when Isobel Campbell was still with them. I love her voice and the songs she wrote a lot. I feel like she kept the band from getting too upbeat/funky, which is one of the reasons I haven't listened to their newer stuff as much as their pre-Dear Catastrophe Waitress material.

Lazy Line Painter Jane is a great EP released by the band.

"Like Dylan in the Movies" taken from a live performance on Sessions at W. 54th, I think. This song is great, and you know Maddie will love it because it's about acting like Bob Dylan.

Without a doubt, "Legal Man" is my favorite Belle & Sebastian song. Back in the day when I'd make mix CD's all the time because I had nothing better to do and our internet was 56K, this was a song that was on nearly every one I made. When I saw B & S live in 2002, they played this song and it was amazing. They followed it up with a four guitar version of "The Boys are Back in Town" which is sadly not on Youtube.


  1. THIS JUST MADE MY DAY. i miss isobel campbell too. "like dylan in the movies" is OBVIOUSLY one of my favorite b & s songs. i think my fav song though might be "too much love" from the album with the best name ever, "fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant." i just love the opening line, "i could hang about and burn my fingers." we've all been there, right?

  2. I have a great idea for a theme: "post-rap."

  3. Also, two of these videos didn't play for me. I watched the two that did.

  4. I was just thinking of doing a similar post, but not with Belle and Sebastin.

  5. i think b & s is the only band that we overlap on on :(

    however, i see even within this small corner of the music world we differ. for one, i don't like isobel campbell's voice. i like it when she sings with stuart, but the songs that are just her i often skip over.

    i love lazy line painter jane! monica queen is scotland's dolly parton. <3 it is my favorite besides fox in the snow, boy with the arab strap, stars of track and field, and expectations, and le pastie de la bourgeosie.

  6. Fold Your Hands... is the best B&S album, in my opinion and The Boy With the Arab Strap is the Worst (not counting Storytelling, which is really just horrible).

  7. oh. my. god. are you serious? i've been an obsessive b & s fan since i was like 20, and "fold your hands" is the only album of theirs i have ever sold back. yes, SOLD BACK. TO THE CD STORE. FOR MONEY. with the exception of one or two songs, i thought it was basically unlistenable. >:D

    my favorite is "if you're feeling sinister." "tigermilk" second, "boy with the arab strap" third," "dear catastrophe waitress" fourth....the rest i have basically shunned (oh, and i like most of their EPs, too).

    don't think i'm going to get this riled up about music every saturday. i just <3 b&s.

  8. i love "fold your hands child..."!! and not only cos, as i said before, i think it is the best album title ever. i also love "the boy with the arab strap" though. what's your beef with it jake? "if you're feeling sinister" is obv their gr8est. i listened to "me & the major" on repeat my entire 15th year of life.

  9. I don't hate The Boy with the Arab Strap. It's like 6.5/10 for me. I like all of their albums, even their newest one which I barely listened to. An album has to be my least favorite, though, and that's Arab Strap.

    Fold Your Hands... is probably tied w/ If You're Feeling Sinister because Fold Your Hands... was the first B&S album I bought. It has a lot of Isobel Campbell songs on it. I also love the Gentle Waves.

    And I read the book by the old bassist (the guy from Looper).


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