Quit Shitting On...

By Glenn

Like sailors, we at OYIT are not afraid of cursing or attacks from sea-based monsters. Neither the s-word nor a giant squid strike fear into our hearts, and hopefully not in yours either (for those of you who still have them). The term to "shit on something" means to put it down, to malign it and in general to do the rhetorical equivalent of defecation. It's easy to shit on things that deserve it, such as the show Kath & Kim, any Weezer album after Pinkerton or the atrocious Lieberman-Graham amendment in the recent war supplemental. In this series, however, I will defend things that I find - either amongst my friends, amongst my enemies or in the world at lage - unfairly shat upon.

If you think that a personal conversation with me is the inspiration for a specific defense, you may be right. But you also might have just reminded me of indignation that I earlier felt. In other words: don't take it personally.

Quit Shitting On...

...California. After Iowa's Supreme Court decided that their Constitution allowed for same sex marriage, a lot of people started to make the case that "Iowa is more liberal than California" or that California should be ashamed of itself for Prop 8 and the repercussions while Iowa was now a beacon for progressivism. Iowa, I've visited California. I know about California. I've seen California pass more progressive legislation than almost any state in the country. You sir, are no California. Keep in mind that it was the PEOPLE of California that passed Proposition 8 and it was the SUPREME COURT of Iowa that allowed same sex marriage. I've also lived near and spent much time in Iowa and if it was put up for a statewide up or down vote, a Prop 8 would have passed with much more than 52%. I'm not trying to shit on IOWA either, because compared to Missouri it is California. But, let's keep things in perspective here people. California, for all of its budget woes and its history of electing shitty governors, is much more progressive than Iowa.

...Twitter. The structural limitations of Twitter are obvious: you can only use 140 characters. Beyond that, it can be as strong or as weak of a social media tool as people make of it. If you don't want to see tweets about what people are eating for breakfast or word of mouth review of the Pixar movie "Up," then don't follow your friends. If you don't think you have anything to tweet about, you may not. But trying never hurt anything. Just glancing at my Twitter page, I see the following tweet:
KansasJackassRT @themadvoter: This is priceless: the RESPONSIBLE white separatist movement condemns Holocaust Museum shooting: http://bit.ly/IpJfE #p2
3 minutes ago from TwitterFon
This is from a progressive blogger in Kansas, who I choose to follow for a whole host of complicated reasons. He doesn't tweet about rush hour traffic (something I've been guilty of several times), but rather passes along an interesting link he found in a humorous manner. I already covered some of this in my piece on how not to act like you're 45+, but it need to be said again: shitting on Twitter because people tweet stupid things is like shitting on email because 60% of it is spam. Yes, 60% is a true figure - I saw someone tweet it.

I was going to do online dating, but I'll wait on that for now. If you have further suggestions for things that are being shat upon and might need some defending, please tell me. And don't say Dick Cheney.


  1. Universal Healthcare.

    MIAC/DHS report.

    Tim Geithner.

    Obama's Czars.

    the list goes on...

  2. Weezer album's after Pinkerton? Even that and the blue album have aged horribly and sound like any other popular alternative 90s garbage. Fuck Weezer.


    Living in Iowa city is pretty sweet and sweetly progressive. Mainly due to the fact that we would never elect either Reagan or Arnold to office of any kind much less governor and even much less both of them.

    1847-Iowa is the first universty to give women full access to higher education

    1851-Iowa allows mix race marriages over a 100 years before US supreme court

    1868-Iowa rules that segrategated schools are a denial of equal protection laws.

    1873-Iowa rules against racial descrimanation in public places.

    and that JUST our Sepreme court!

    I enjoy IowaCare that is avaialable to all Iowa residents with low income, over 65, vetrans, among others. It gives people access to most of the university's hospitals.

    Also Iowa City was ranked number 7 on most enlighted towns in the US by UTNE.

  4. Gary, as I went out of my way to state, I am not shitting on Iowa. I'm just saying that the people who are shitting on California and celebrating Iowa need to take a deep breath and realize the true dynamics of both states. I killed my first hitchhiker in Iowa. I am fully aware of its many great characteristics.

    Nate: Geithner has a lot more work to do before I would even think about defending him. I at least don't really shit on him...yet.

    Maddie: I couldn't shit more on Blue Dogs if I tried. Seeing a roll call of Blue Dog Democrats who vote for awful legislation is like giving me an enema.

    Jake: If you hate Weezer so much why did you see them in concert????

  5. oh yeah

    and a suggestion for another quit shitting on
    Shep Smith.

    If you don't... I will SHEP SHEP SHEP!

    note: I really do love Shep Smith

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I thought Blue Dogs was a mid to late nineties live action Disney movie that I had forgotten. I wikied it and now I know they have a sweet logo.

  8. shep smith rox l8ly. glenn, why'd you address my blue dog joke as if i were serious?

  9. No one shits on Shep Smith because he's the only person on Fox News who doesn't sound like a fucking lunatic. Maddie, you were serious. You know who is in the anti-you know who bloc in the Senate.

  10. I just don't get Twitter. I don't hate just don't get it.

    I think Mikey can agree with me on that...am I right, Big M?

  11. YOU KNOW WHO IS NOT ANTI-WHO SHIT!!!!!!!! FUCK THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Quit Shitting on:

    JaRule, he's not that bad really

    Fruit Cake, could be worse

    Bubbletape, just because it's so long doesn't mean it's bad.

  14. gary i just loled so hard at your comment.

  15. just because california is historically progressive doesn't mean that we can't shit on it for its current shitty decision to discriminate against gay couples. i refuse to quit shitting on this particular chapter of californian history.


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