Another Day Another Dollar

By Jake

It's Friday, which means that it's almost the weekend. This is not your regular horrible weekend, this is the weekend where we celebrate America (finally!). I live in Indiana where fireworks are legal. This means that I might end up having less fingers or eyes after Saturday. If I don't then I'll know I didn't celebrate the right way.

I have no idea why these bricks are out there. Maybe they're trash. This is in the "woods" a couple blocks away. By woods, I mean there are several trees close to each other. There's also some train tracks around there, but I haven't seen a train go through there for at least ten years. Still, those are some pretty cool bricks, huh?

Sonic the Hedgehog once again does what our parents failed to successfully do: keep us off liquor. Honestly, this PSA makes me want to have a cold beer. I am a robot according to Sonic. A dumb robot.

I think we can all agree that Charles Manson is a crazy psychopath who should remain in prison forever. Can we also agree that Charles Manson is completely hilarious? Maybe it's just me.

A child dancing to techno music. I bet this kid ends up doing so much e when he grows up. He'll probably have more fun than everybody reading this article combined.

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