Mailbag [Special Edition]

By Jake

On Monday morning I sat stunned as I read this email sent to the Mailbag email address. I had no idea how to handle it, so what else was I supposed to do other than create a special edition of the [un]popular OYIT article, Mailbag? Nothing.

Dear Webmaster,

We have visited your site and found it quite impressive.

We are dealing with a site which is based on the same theme of yours and looking for high quality related sites who can give me link backs. My site is having a PR of 2 and if you will give me a link back then definitely our site will also get benefited.

This would be a win situation for both of us and I would really appreciate if you add my site with this information.

Link Details:

Title: Water ionizer dealers


Description: I've heard that Chanson is one of the best brand for water ionizer dealers to work for.

Thanks & Regards,

John B.

Hey John B., I looked at your site and I have to admit that it's exactly like One Year in Texas, because both websites are sites selling healing water machines. In fact, I would say that OYIT originally was going to purchase that URL, but we were too slow on the draw. I bet all of our lives would be changed (maybe for the better, maybe for the worse) if we would have ended up with that site and you ended up with instead.

I have also heard that Chanson is one of the best brands of water ionizer dealers to work for. You have no idea how many time I have faxed my resume to them. At least twice! Sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging.

I can't think of any reason to not link to your site, which offers people what our site offers: water ionizers. It is a great day when two websites can team up to help people ionize their water. Thank you and have a great day.


no more comments from spam bots. fuck off.

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