Good Morning from North Dakota part 2

By Glenn

Good morning from North Dakota. This is the second installment in a four hundred part series chronicling my good mornings in the great state of North Dakota. The longer I'm here, the less I'll reference bison and the more I'll hopefully be able to discuss important internal state issues. All the major US occupying forces pulled out of the cities of North Dakota on June 30th, so we're waiting to see if the police and security forces are capable enough to deal with the insurgent problem. The insurgent bison problem.

[I said the bison references will decrease but they will never disappear completely. My goal, besides pushing for health care reform, will be to get a picture of me ON a bison.]

Today's Weather
I hate to stress on this, but I do it because I know there are people currently in or traveling to the American Southwest/Southeast. While these next two months are going to be the most painful periods in your life (pun intended), in North Dakota we have gorgeous weather akin to a spring day. The high tomorrow is 79 degrees. It hasn't been truly HOT since I got here, yet I haven't had to change out of my bicycle shorts and Hawaiian shirt either. The only weather we have to worry about hear is the Red River flooding.

This is my office.

Today's Music Video

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico "Femme Fatale" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo
I can't actually hear this right now because the speakers on my laptop appear to be broken, but this seems like it'd be a cool video. It's Beck, who is a Scientologist, covering Velvet Underground, who in the early part of their career made the musical equivalent of Scientology. That might sound insulting, but it's hard to listen to the "jam" at the end of European Son without thinking of your own body thetans.

Today's TV Show

To say that I like Roseanne is a little like saying I'm liked by the people who visit this website. While technically true, it's such a giant understatement that it should almost be criminal. Probably a misdemeanor. TV Land has been playing a lot of Roseanne lately and I've been catching up on it. How familiar are you with Roseanne on a scale of 1-10? If it's anything below 6 or 7, just email me and I can send you either the fan fiction erotica I wrote about Darlene when I was 20 or the 10,000 word essay I wrote last year about the Conners as the ideal American family. TV Land shows a lot of crap, but they also pleasure us artistically with shows like Roseanne. Seasons 3-6 are the best, just so you know.

Today's Prediction
No prediction today! But it was lovely to talk to all of you.


  1. the only thing getting me through the day is knowing i get to go home and watch that two part roseanne episode i taped last night.

  2. I would say my knowledge of Roseanna is about 1 or 2 on that 10 point scale. Please send me that link at Maybe I'll get my first piece of mail in that address's inbox!!! I will reciprocate with my fan fiction erotica piece I wrote about All in the Family.

    Related: If you buy Elvis Costello's new album on iTunes, you can get a cover of Femme Fatale as well.


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