A not-so-funny Rant: Health Care Reform Pt. 1


This article will not be funny. I am just getting really upset at the general public as of late. Maybe its the growing amount of people wearing libertarian shirts or the fact that on my poor people's cable all I get is church channels and Fox News (hmm..seems a bit weird that the only news channel the 5 dollar plan gets you is Fox). Whatever it is, change is coming to public health care reform, and ignorant people all over college campuses, TV, and the internet are letting their voice be heard. This is my answer back to them...FUCK YOU!

I will admit I am not a huge history or politics buff, and frankly I have stopped even listening to NPR when the subject of Health Care reform comes up, because it makes me sick (pun totally intended). To me the answer to whether or not we should a have broad sweeping public health care option is obvious. Yes!

Just as the police, fire fighters, roads, libraries and public schools (k-12) don't charge for their services why should someone have worry about their bank account before they worry about getting their nagging cough checked out? Watching people debate these issue to me is like watching some guy barely hanging on to the edge of a cliff while a bunch of people stand around debating the pros and cons of helping the man not fall.

".. I don't know how did he get in this situation?"

"What if I lose my expensive watch during the rescue?"

"Did he break the rules..was he in area he shouldn't have been?"

"Maybe we should let someone come along and decide to do out of the kindness of their heart."

"That guy from Big Al's Cliff Rescue and Prevention keeps stuffing money in my pockets to not save him...."

"Yeah, Big Al has got a nice rescue crane and he can do it easier and more efficiently and he will just bill him for it."

"Whoa! Hold on you guys. This a human life were talking about. Let's not be monsters here. We should give him the option of how he wants to be rescued."

"No we can't rescue him then he'll expect us to rescue him every time he falls off a cliff or needs to be saved from a burning building."

"uhh...hey guys....he just fell."

Somehow this argument seems less absurd than the current real life debate.

Ronald Reagan once famously said

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"

Here's the 9 most terrifying words a person can think:
"I need help and no one will help me."

Oh ole Gipper not understanding that even the worst help is better than none at all.

Stay tuned for part 2 tommorow.........


  1. Yeah, that's pretty much it. People are always shitting on the Canadian health care system too. in North Dakota it's a little more acceptable because they at least visit Canada but what the fuck does someone in Arkansas know about Canadian health care? OR ABOUT ANYTHING?

  2. Updated my post a bit.

    On Canada: Why is pointing out the flaws of system a sound argument against adopting a similar system?

  3. Gary you should Facebook friend a fat Republican named Nick Haynes and then look at the fight I'm having with him right now on a posted link he made.

  4. i dont have facebook.

    You should copy and paste it and send to me via gmail

  5. i dont have email.

    Can I print it out and fax it to you?

  6. I don't have a fax number.

    You should print it out scan it and post it on here

  7. I don't have a scanner.

    Can I send it to a newspaper and then threaten to kill people with mail bombs if they don't post one part every day?

  8. this is great, gary. my thoughts exactly. damn the man.

    health care is a hotter topic because it affects more people directly, obviously, but my philosophy on higher education is essentially the same. education gives you a clear and undeniable advantage in life, yet the average person with an undergraduate degree owes something like $17,000 in student loans. many people can choose to shoulder that debt, but what about people with kids/medical issues/other outstanding bills/no familial support who are struggling as it is to afford the basics? it should not cost tens of thousands of dollars to get a diploma, a basic tool that's practically required to succeed in our society. it's sick. it's a cycle that keeps poor people uneducated and uneducated people poor.

    good rant, though.

  9. I'd better understand health care reform if Razor Ramon would explain it to me on an episode of Jerry Springer.

  10. "Ronald Reagan once famously said

    'The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'

    Here's the 9 most terrifying words a person can think:
    'I need help and no one will help me.'"

    that was gr8, gary! looking forward to part 2.

  11. Glenn-

    Yes you can do that.

  12. I had that fight with my mom on Monday.

    I am now officially disowned. And of course Canada came up (which frankly, isn't all that fantastic) but the important thing to note is Canada is not the only example of nationalized health care.

    Since when do we look to Canada?

  13. Katy, we've been looking to Canada ever since Sarah Palin said "America is looking north to the future."


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