Vacation Is Over and You Look Fabulous

By Jake

I hope you all enjoyed your vacation. I know I did. I spent most of my time at the beach. Some guy kicked sand in my face while I was trying to impress Betty. Wait, that was an Archie Comic I read. Really, I should have picked up an issue of Jughead Double Digest. That's where all the laughs are. Jughead loves hamburgers. Maybe more than Wimpy (of Popeye fame).

This is the music video (if you can even call it such) for "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies. When Archie speaks at the opening it's almost as if somebody is choking my brain. I never imagined Arch to speak that way, and I never will. Also, with a video like this no wonder this song was such a huge hit.

Whiny Jughead tells Sabrina the Teenage Witch that Big Ethel is convinced that Jughead is cheating on her. Honestly, I hate this Archie cartoon. It's exactly the opposite of what I pretend Archie is. Big Ethel and Jughead is not exactly the romance that melts hearts, but when your name is Jughead or Big Ethel, I guess your options are pretty limited.

I hope you all enjoyed this Archie themed morning. We need to remember our fallen heroes and I think Archie can be considered one, even if he didn't die during the 9/11 attacks.


  1. i can't listen to "sugar, sugar" without thinking about the movie "now & then" and that dreamboat devon sawa. i can't think of mornings without thinking about OYIT and that dreamboat jake. glad OYIT is back!!

  2. I'm OYIT's Devon Sawa. Hopefully that doesn't mean I'm going to die in a Rube Goldberg-ian Final Destination type death.

  3. my best friend growing up looooooved archie comics. i've read more of them than i care to admit. later, the same friend became enamored of xena. i've seen probably every xena episode ever made.

    i never knew that "sugar sugar" was written for archie! i thought it was just by some other crappy 60s pop band!

  4. I used to watch Xena, but it was because I was a horny 13 year old.

  5. archie was such an megalomaniac. or is that egomaniac? either way, what an asshole.
    but what a great way to start a monday!


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