Good Morning from North Dakota part 4

By Glenn

Good Morning from North Dakota. It's been a while since I've written to you, but as I told my pen pal from Singapore when I was in 5th grade: sometimes things get lost in the mail. Also, would you like to meet me? My parents said that you could come stay with us over Christmas break. I want to show you my knife collection.

Today's Weather
I've said a lot about the weather over the years. I've praised it. I've cursed it. The one thing weather never ceases to do is ruin and enrich our lives, alternately, for no apparent reason other than the whims of very complicated meteorological systems. We had a rally last night and everything in my gut and everything on my computer screen said it was going to rain. The storm clouds gathered much like those clouds gathered on top of that museum in Ghostbusters 2. This time the Statue of Liberty didn't arrive to beat them away in a poorly contrived, horribly embarrassing scene seared into my memory. Instead it just didn't rain. It remained cloudy but the only water on the ground were tears falling from our attendees after hearing some rough healthy care stories. Moral of the story: Ghostbusters 2 sucks! And it will never rain when you think it will.

Today's TV Show
The Soup. This probably goes without saying, but I do know one reader (and writer) on this site who has not fully bought into Joel McHale and The Soup on E!. With the exception of The Soup and Chelsea Lately, E! is a rough network for a hypermasculine male like me to endure. Nevertheless, I love the Soup. It's so funny! Joel McHale makes jokes about silly things that are on TV. But it isn't like the show on Style (possibly E!) hosted by Danielle Fishelle, which is about as sad of a reproduction of something great since Ghostbusters 2. I feel like it's okay to watch clips from "reality" TV shows on the Soup, but it might not be okay anywhere else.

Today's Longing
College students have returned to the University of North Dakota in the past few days. Though I spent as much time as a college undergraduate as Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, I still get wistful for those youthful days. When I saw this year's class of 18 year olds walking to a campus barbecue, they seemed younger than ever before. Literally, of course, they were. It seems like the new generation is less interested in health care reform than ever before. Yet at the same time, I envy the potential they have ahead of them. They can do ANYTHING they want! But I'm not going to let them have that chance.


  1. Glenn, as you know, I went to college with Danielle Fishell's "Boy Meets World" co-star Ryder Strong. Here are some observations based on time spent with him in a seminar:
    1. He was short -- maybe 5'6''
    2. He did not have anything insightful to say about early European accounts of America.
    3. He was jealous of the other actor in my class -- her claim to fame was having guest starred in an episode of "Sex and the City" about threesomes. She was also much taller than he.

    Well, that's all. XOXOXOX!!!

  2. The Soup is a great show. Web Soup is okay, too. I'd rather die than watch Fishell's fashion Soup show.

  3. last night on the soup the guy from web soup came on and showed this clip

    so so funny

  4. Maddie that clip is so hilarious. I saw it on the Soup too, which was shown by Singled Out star Chris Hardwick.

  5. Keelin I'd like you to talk more about your interactions with Rider Strong.

  6. that kid from maddie's clip is awesome. i got 1/8 of the way through his 'chris brown's apology' clip, but realized i have better things to do with my day. no offense to the kid - he's got talent?
    also glenn, don't be fooled by the weather. it's always out to ruin potentially awesome days. always. take that storm for instance. instead of releasing it's amazing fury on you all and giving you a chance to prove you ARE better than nature, it pussied out. hung around but didn't make a move. the weather is malicious and contemplative and i wouldn't be surprised if a hurricane pops up at your next rally. beware.


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