Life With Mikey [8-24-09]

By Mikey

Why would Garfield hate Mondays? He's a cat and every day would be the same to him. There are a lot of holes in that comic strip if you stop and think about it. I mean, what kind of cat eats lasagna anyway?

I haven't mowed my lawn in over a month.

People don't have enough respect for dentists these days.

Why would somebody sit in a sauna? Go for a run, jerk.

Cold Spaghetti-O's are a terrible dessert no matter what my son says.

101 Dalmatians was better as a cartoon.

I'm glad Microsoft is making new versions of Windows to stay current, but I'm happy with the Windows 3.11 I've been running since 1996.

I haven't seen anybody fly fishing in a long time.

My favorite part of Playboy magazine is the articles about getting the best sound out of your stereo. Hootie and the Blowfish never sounded so good than at my house.

I have never successfully bluffed during a game of poker.

3D movies sound like a good idea, but wearing the glasses make me feel like a jerk.

A serving of Cheetos is so low that it's embarrassing. I usually eat half the bag in a sitting.

A movie about Facebook? Pass.

I have only been in two fights my entire life. I didn't win either of them.

Who in the world is Dakota Fanning?

Do kids still play home run derby? I wonder if they actually hit home runs, because I sure never did.

Bob Ueker was great on Mr. Belvedere


  1. Dakota Fanning is an actess. Watch Entertainment Tonight.

  2. Who the fuck would still want to use an OS from nearly 15 years ago?

  3. You sound kinda surly this week, Mikey. Maybe you got Garfield's case of the Mondays.

  4. i don't even what to think about how upset your wife is about the lawn.

  5. why are you so negative this week mikey?

  6. "Do kids still play home run derby? I wonder if they actually hit home runs, because I sure never did."
    take a fucking grammer class asshole.


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